Meet Jen

Hey there, I am Jen McKeithen, mother of 3 kids and one wild puppy dog, wife to a husband who puts up with this KRAZY (and I mean krazy) soul.  I am a Utah native but currently reside in the beautiful state of Idaho.  I am an expert of all things laundry, picking up toys and bones (like all day), and wiping child level surfaces full time.  In the midst of all this family chaos I find peace, comfort and joy when researching new and old home décor trends. Hence, my blog name Cotton (cotton that gives peace and comfort, like your favorite p.j.’s or blanket) and Chaos (the chaos that is my life day to day). I love rearranging rooms, decluttering and organizing, when that’s all accomplished I love putting a cherry on top with some fun home trends.  I am always on a budget (or try to be) and so when something is out of reach I try and recreate it with my ability to find something else similar or a whole new piece altogether.  I love a challenge (working on a huge challenge with our current home), and hitting it out of the park afterwards with something even better than originally planned.  I have a huge passion for holiday décor.  I was raised with a grandmother and mother who lived for some holiday magic.  My kids’ faces are the biggest reward when they are able to see and celebrate the next holiday by just looking around the house.  I love soft comforting blankets, a good decor book, a magical holiday, and definitely a SALE on just about anything and everything. So together lets create a home inspired by your dreams.


Inspire, Create, and Share with me. Thanks for reading.