Decor Challenge; DIY Valentine’s Mantle

Hello!  I wanted to share my decor challenge with you all today.  My fireplace mantle ( I am not a fan of my fireplace, more to come on the transformation I have in store), I wanted a simple clean Valentine’s mantle and I want it DIY.  I love Valentine’s, I love the color, the hearts, the smells, but sometimes it can turn crazy and cluttered.  With so many Valentine’s decorations around the house, I didn’t want to go overboard with my mantlepiece; the center of our home.  So I challenged myself to try a simple, yet festive DIY mantle, with stuff I already own.


I love the way it came together.  Using an old window frame, my old farmhouse mirror with a twig wreath, some paper hearts, sticks in a teapot vase, a styrofoam ball with red and white faux flowers inserted on top of a candlestick, a fun you and me sign in red to keep along with my theme.  There you have it. LOVE!

My teapot of “Valentine’s flowers” was easy to make, just tape a few smaller hearts cut out from the same paper as the window pane hearts, to the top of the sticks. Place the sticks in a fun whimsical vase.  I cut out a cardboard circle, painted it red and then added you and me with white paint.  I also added some fun dots around the circle with a Q-tip and white paint.  My faux flower ball is a styrofoam ball from my craft stash with faux red and white flowers poked into the ball.  I taped some bigger hearts, from the same paper as the small hearts, to the center of each window pane.  I then taped a fifth heart in the center of my wreath on the mirror.  Hearts for days!!!


Total DIY mantle with what I have on hand and I LOVE it!  I want to challenge you to create a DIY mantle for Valentine’s!  Please share it with me by subscribing to my page!! Happy DIY Valentine’s!

Chocolate Robot; Will you be mine?

Hey there!  With Valentines right around the corner I thought I would share a yummy craft that I made with my youngest today!  It turned out so cute I think I am going to take it to my second grader’s Valentine class party.  This will definitely be a big hit as it is adorable, has chocolate, and isn’t too “girly”.  It is totally a gender neutral craft, which can be hard to pull off around Valentines.

There you have it.  It is super easy to do all you need is some cute, bright paper, found here.  Some yummy wrapped mini chocolate bars, like the ones I found here.  You need to make sure the chocolate bars are wrapped in shiny foil for the complete look.  I then just cut a small rectangle with the bright fun paper to cover the brand of chocolate bar leaving the foil wrapper exposed on top and bottom.  The rest is pretty easy, cutting legs and arms out of some metal looking paper, and black paper for hands and feet.  With the hands and feet I cut circles, large circles for the feet cut in half to make half moons.  The hands were made the same way as the feet, however I cut smaller circles and a  ‘U’ shape into one end of the circle before cutting in half to create half moon shapes.  A black square shape for the head, with mis-matched eyes and a pipe cleaner mouth.  Last I stuck a heart on my robots chest, such a “lovely” way to finish it off.  So fun and my little loves it!

Do you have fun crafts you do this time of the year?  I would love to see what you all create!  Keep on crafting!


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A whimsical table you’ll LOVE.

Table for 2, 3, 4, however many lovebirds will be joining you, you’ll want to check out this whimsical Valentines table.  True to form I always try and decorate with a few natural, organic pieces and a little DIY (Valentines always needs a little ‘made from the heart’ DIY).  I really had fun with this table’s lovely hue’s of pink, red and white.  Fresh flowers (has to be roses for Valentines, right?) as the center piece beautifully tying it all together.  All the wonderful cheery colors in a cold winter season is such a brilliant way to pick your mood up.  Love the Love!



I love the colors in this flower bunch.  If this doesn’t scream Happy Love Day I don’t know what does.  I was able to run to my local market for a great selection of pink roses, pink berries and white flowers.  I really felt like this bouquet brought life to this table.  I put the flowers in a vase I had from my wedding.  Talk about getting sentimental but on the National day of Love, why not remember the day I married my love.  Here is a hint to placing flower stems in a vase:  I put small bunch of floral green beads (I went with green so they blend with the stems,) at the bottom of my vase first.  I then cut the bottom of the stems off to the desired height.  I placed them in the vase with the floral beads holding my flowers in place, this way I could step back and really get a feel for the shape and design of my bouquet.  I then added water to my vase, my floral beads remaining at the bottom of the vase.  Topped it off adding a pea green silk ribbon layered with a pastel pink mesh ribbon.


First I want to start with my Valentine DIY table runner.  I made this with my daughter and we had a blast coming up with our pattern and then painting it on.  I love when you decorate with meaningful pieces that will remind you of fond memories on any given day.  I chose to buy a eco friendly craft paper roll (needed more for our craft room so win, win) in brown.  We then decided to paint our XOXO design on with white acrylic paint and medium  paint brushes.  I loved how it turned out, complimenting the brighter shades with its neutral shade.  Most of all I love the way it was made.

I heart these plates….literally!  Here is where my whimsical inspiration comes in; I alternated with two different heart plates, two different jute place mats, ( braided and medallion woven place mat) and using some mason jars as glassware.  I stayed neutral and organic with many pieces here: place mats are made from jute material, the natural color also compliments the table runner.  My ceramic heart plates in romantic pink (left picture up top) go strikingly well with my rose sear suckered napkins.  I used a biodegradable, eco friendly (gotta give some love to mother earth) palm leaf heart dish, pictured in the top left picture.  The wood look really pairs nicely with the jute place mats and table runner for a simple, natural look.  To continue with our whimsical but natural theme I found these unique, eco friendly Birchware fork and knife utensils.

Sweets, treats, and cupcakes who needs a sugar rush?  Conversation hearts and chocolate goes with Valentines like peanut butter goes with jelly.  I filled my heart bowls, sugar jars, and cupcake stand with all things Yum!!

I added some love to my buffet as well.  I layered table runners here for texture.  My first table runner; a neutral burlap table runner matching my DIY table runner.  Next I placed my vibrant red lace table runner on top of the neutral one for a good balance.  I placed my sugar corner on one end of the buffet and a ‘LOVE’ sign on the other.  Then I took some cute faux birch sticks tied with red and white twine.

Here is a total view of my Whimsical Valentine table.  Now just need to figure whats for dinner??  Let me know what you all think!  Would love to see all your sweetheart tables!

Happy Valentines!! xoxo


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Pine Cone Wreath DIY Tutorial

I have been searching for a Valentines wreath for a while now and it seems nothing strikes my fancy.  So when I had this idea I couldn’t wait to try it out.  And if I do say so myself, it turned out great!  I love to create things, but more I love to create simple, authentic pieces that incorporate nature in some way.   If you have an hour and some patience then you will love to create this wreath. 

Items needed:

hot glue (lots and lots)

heart wire wreath frame (this is your wreath base)

pine cones


love sign


step 1: Plug your hot glue in cause it is going to work overtime.  Lay your wire frame on a flat surface.  I placed a large piece of paper under to be the catch all for hot glue drippings.  Start to lay out pine cones on the frame in the order you want to glue.  I put about 3-4 pine cones on at a time to see how the placement works and looks.  I used a variety of pine cones to fit the space needed.  Some large, some skinny but tall and some small.  It is like a puzzle, just fit in the piece that works best.  Once you have a handful in a good place grab one at a time and glue to your wire frame.  This is where the patience has to kick in as you glue, and then have to wait till it dries thoroughly to then glue another cone. If you don’t you may jeopardize your last glued pine cone’s position if you move the wire base to soon.  Finish gluing pine cones around wire frame to form a heart.

step 2: Once you finished gluing the pine cones, take a step back to observe the shape of your heart.  Do you need to fill in anywhere?  When you are pleased with the shape flip it over and really give the underneath side a good second coating of hot glue to ensure durability.  If you are like me who have children in and out slamming doors all day this is a good step.  Let it dry for about 10 minutes.

step 3: Next up the sign.  Now this is actually a cake topper that I purchased but liked it for the weight.  It wasn’t too heavy, therefore can be glued to the edges of my pine cones.  First you will need to cut off the stick portion and lightly sand the rough edges from cutting stick off.  Next paint the sign any color of choice.  I chose gold as it seemed like a good color combo, neutral.  Let your sign dry.

step 4: Hot glue the sign on.  I glued the lower portion of the ‘L’ to the pine cone.  Just placing the lower ‘L’ portion into a pine cone’s scale.  Just do a dab as you won’t need much.  I then glued the end of the ‘E’ into a pine cone scale as well.  Let it dry.


step 5: Wrap some pink ribbon of small to medium width around wreath.  Making sure to balance both sides with equal amounts wrapped ribbon.  Top off with some more ribbon wrapped through wire behind the glued cones for hanging purposes.  I placed my ribbon through the wire at the top point of heart.

And there you have it, my nature inspired pine cone wreath.  Simple yet sophisticated.  I know your guests will “LOVE” being welcomed with this wreath.  Check out more ideas for your Valentines porch here.


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XOXO Valentines Porch

Love is in the air.  I really do “love” Valentines as I feel it brings a burst of color to a bit of a dark dreary season. It’s wonderful to see bright cheery colors on peoples porches, mantles or just all around the house. I even feel that many people start to wear brighter colors around Valentines, subconsciously or not. So bring on the chocolates (my all time favorite about Valentines) and lets splash a little color around.

In my opinion there is a fine line between “tacky” and chic looking Valentines decor.  I always struggle with Valentines as it can get out of hand very quickly.  I have found the less you do is actually better,  like I said Valentines is very colorful and when working with bright colors you can go overboard quickly.  Check out my rustic inspired Valentines porch.

Lets start with my wreath.  I couldn’t find a wreath that I felt wasn’t too busy.  I always like to bring nature into my decor as I get most of my inspiration from nature.  Here you have my heart pine cone wreath.  This baby is all DIY (read my tutorial here).  I love how it turned out.  The neutral colors mixed in with some pink ribbon is just the right color recipe for me.  Find my heart wire wreath frame here. I had PLENTY of pine cones in my stash (like I said I love decorating with nature) but if you don’t there is a nice supply herePink ribbon in pastel shades, different textures and sizes give it a nice look.  To put the cherry on top I added the love sign, which is actually a wood cake topper, but worked well.  Just cut the stick off and spray paint your sign gold.  Then glue to edges of pine cones.

I am still using and loving this black and white checkered rug that I purchased for my Festive Christmas Porch.  It goes with everything and so easy to style when you layer another rug on top.  I found this cute arrow rug (cupid’s arrow) that mixes well with my checkered rug.  Adding enough neutral colors is a must for balancing the color spectrum.

My Valentines pot was another DIY success.  The kiddos can get in on this one.  They cut out different sizes of hearts with some pink designed paper.  I like using mix and match paper as it gives it a whimsical feel.  I taped my hearts on branches from my yard.  Just make sure to find sticks or branches with varying lengths so you can stagger the hearts.  If you can’t find anything that works, try some dowel rods from you local hardware or craft store.  I added some rocks mixed with faux moss at the base of my sticks on top of the dirt to fill in my pot and give it an organic look.  I then placed my XOXO sign on top of the rocks/moss.  It all came together perfectly.


My lanterns I have had for a while now and use them frequently.  So if you are thinking of getting some, you should, as they are great pieces for any home decor idea.  I put some candles inside and tied pink ribbon to the outside of both my lanterns.  My candles were plain white candles so I cut some more pink designed paper to tape around one candle to give it the Valentine look, with the other candle I left it white and tied a pink ribbon around the candle.  Simple, chic and sophisticated!

I don’t want to forget this little charm; pop of color pom pom garland.  When I finished styling my porch I just felt it could use a touch more of color.  I always err on the side of caution, not wanting to get too loud or busy.  But I did feel it needed just a little more and this garland was the answer.  Love the cheer!

Welcome your guests with this DIY sophisticated porch.  I guarantee they will “LOVE” it!


Share and inspire me with all of your ideas on how to and how not to decorate for Valentines.  Do you go loud, or do you tone it down a bit?  Would love to see!



Disclosure: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links meaning I could make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.