Organizing the Chaos; part 1

Lets knock out a resolution (chore) and treat my OCD to a day of organizing.  There is so much I want to organize, de-clutter, DIY remodel, and much more that I can’t wait to share with you this year.  But first things first…..organize the chaos.  Get rid of the old to live simpler and organize to live happier (it’s true, studies have shown that tidying up a bit can improve your mood). Then the pretty stuff, remodeling (which definitely improves my mood)!

This is part 1 of my de-clutter and organize series.  There is so much to do that it can be overwhelming to know where and what to start with.  So for me I start with what is REALLY bothering me.  Like the junk drawer that is a pain just to open.  Or the pantry, which is really my least favorite to organize but somebody’s got to do it…right?!  So let me share with you my ideas and ideas I have found to help nudge you to get going on your chaos.




Starting with the biggest pain in the ***.  The JUNK drawer.  No joke this stuff was just floating around in the drawer for nearly 6 months.  If you needed to find anything you would empty all the contents (finding a needle in a large haystack).  I could no longer take it so I found a wonderful solution……retractable drawer organizer a.k.a. flatware holder.  I found the largest one I could, extended as far as I could, to have this beautiful chaos organized!!  I kept sharpies, pencils, pens. tape, glue, keys, etc. in their own respectful places.  I now love to open this drawer (to admire my work).


Cords!!!  I despise cords showing.  Now I know what your thinking, well then take the t.v. off the counter and then no cords on display.  Au contraire… there is still that pesky but helpful “ok google” lady with cords attached.  Also, I am not going to lie, I love having a t.v. in the kitchen.  When I am cooking dinner I can keep up with the rest of the world by catching the evening news (I sound like my mother).  Check out this amazing  storage basket I found with large enough holes in the weave that plugs can exit to the outlet.  This basket is full of cords, but you wouldn’t know it as I plopped a faux plant inside (didn’t get a real one as there isn’t sufficient light).


Are you like me and growing tired of your kids dumping entire bins of toys out just to find a toy?  We have that problem at our house, so I figure this solution is a total win as they no longer need to do so.  Also I find they play with long, lost, and forgotten toys more often as it takes less work to find said toy.  This over the door shoe organizer (known at our house as the doll organizer) works wonders for Barbies, dolls, and all their small parts.  My son has one for all his superheroes and army men, this works well for both boys and girls.

Same concept here with all the bin dumping to find that one “special” hot wheel.  Keep the metal toy cars hung nicely and neatly with a magnetic knife bar.  No more unnecessary messes (aren’t they all unnecessary).  Toys are visible as well as easily manageable so they are played with more.  Remember you need metal cars for this, I found out the hard way….found this idea and immediately had to try it.  When I found this idea on Pinterest it hadn’t stated anything about making sure toy cars were metal (f.y.i. most cars are plastic or aluminum these days), so of coarse this was a total dud for me as no cars would stick.  Thanks to  Keeping up with the Souths for troubleshooting the problem and coming up with a soution.


The most cluttered  room in the house….the pantry. I didn’t want to take this one on but here it is in all its glory….organized!  If you have a label maker and big budget for some beautiful bins great, if not don’t fret.  You can organize with anything and a bit of an imagination.  Organize how you and your budget see fit, recycle cardboard boxes, old baskets, index cards and sharpie the possibilities are endless.  My daughter even got in on the fun and helped me to make my index cards “fun”.  I found these black bins in all sizes at a great price (on sale), all other bins/baskets I already had.


Pictured above are some items that I didn’t think needed a bin as it seemed wasteful.  Using a canned food storage rack is a fabulous way of keeping your canned goods organized and able to see.  I used original boxes for the cereal and crackers as I wanted to be able to find what I was looking for and know what is what in a timely manner.  My fruit snacks have a million packages in them as they were a very recent purchase in bulk from Costco.  I felt its original box did the trick better than anything.  Grouping items that are difficult to put in a bin alongside items placed in bins looks clean and tidy. The trick is to keep alike items grouped together.  Pictured below is a great example of a bread bin followed by a pasta bin (bring on the carbs).  Other sections can include, breakfast items (cereal, oatmeal, granola bars etc.), baking goods (flour, sugar, brownie mix), so many ways to work the sections, do what feels best and easily accessable to you. Put healthy snacks on a low shelf so little’s are able to reach, items used frequently around midlevel, and items used less frequently up high.

Here is a very practical way to organize items of the same section using minimal space (especially placed in a corner) and ease in locating.  Lazy Susan’s are a brilliant way to organize flour, sugar, baking powder, etc, that are used frequently.


Thanks to Useful Beautiful Home and Organized Junkie for this great idea!! I will definitely be doing this once the weather warms and I can brave the cold garage.  I love how they have used corresponding pictures to line up the toys.  Stay in your lane!!!!


I really want to try this in our craft room (which is next on my list).  What a great way to organize our days. I love that the chalk boards are big enough to fit all the events ( which is a lot these days)!  Thanks for the inspiration HGTV.

Well it’s been a long day and me and my OCD are all tuckered out.  So until next time (part 2), keep on keepin on.

If you have some organizing ideas and tips please share with me as I would love to hear them.

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New Year’s Resolution: Mindfulness

Being present, in the moment, appreciating the light we all have within us.  My constant goal, my constant resolution, is to live in this very moment.  Whether it is good or bad be in the moment. Be grateful for this very moment, take a breath and allow yourself to soak it in.  This was always a hard concept for me.  I heard what people said: “don’t blink or your kids will grow up”, “time goes by so fast”, etc.  It is true what they say, but if you are able to be in the moment and not worry about tomorrow, yesterday or even this afternoon, it will “slow down”.  Taking a pause and being in that moment, that very second, will allow you many moments and many seconds.  This alone will improve the quality of life, allow you to appreciate life, and realize what is important and what isn’t.  So with the New Year upon on us I thought I would share my secret to discovering this concept.  A book that really spoke to me and I hope can really speak to you too.  A book by an author; Eckhart Tolle called “A New Earth”.  If any of you have a resolution to live a happier, fuller life I would recommend giving this book a read.  So here is a New Year resolution for a New You, a New Year’s resolution for your mind.  Cheers to 2019!

Get the inside right. The outside will fall into place.   -Eckhart Tolle


If you have read this book and have any comments or insights I would love to hear them, if not but have read similiar books I would love to hear those recomendations so please comment.


Disclosure: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links meaning I could make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Party till the ball drops, family friendly style

Well here we are….that twilight zone after Christmas but before New Year’s.  When you take a“load” off.  Christmas is over and was a huge success!  It is time to relax and bask in all the greatness that you are and the Christmas you created for your family.  Not really, right?  First of all we never feel great even though we should love ourselves more often (hello New Year resolution).  Second we never relax and even when we plan to…. something ALWAYS comes up….and this time it is New Years.  Every year on December 26 I want to snuggle, relax, read a good book, and just when I am ready to get into the groove I realize that New Year’s is here in a hot minute.

Now-a-days I stay in for New Year’s, but once upon a time I use to dress up and go out.  I really enjoyed going out all night and someday I may do that again (who am I kidding I can’t stay up all night), but for now I love staying in with my family.  We have always made our own party at home that we all look forward to (ok maybe not my husband who would love to just veg).  I love planning parties and my kids love participating so it is a win win.  Also, I know the time will come when my kiddos will have their own things going on so I want to soak up as much of them as I can while making memories to last.  So if you are like me and want to hang up your sequins for some comfy P.J.’s, trade the crowds for your closest loved ones then join me in this family friendly party.

Just because you are staying home doesn’t mean you can’t jazz the place up a bit.  Amazon is your best friend today as they can deliver and deliver quickly!  What Amazon doesn’t cover a quick trip to your local market store will.  The best part of this party is you don’t need much and what you do need you can make with your kiddos which is half the fun!

DIY New Year's Eve decor

Make a fun drink bar.  Where kid friendly and adult beverages are available.  Get some festive glasses so it is fun for everyone.  Gather some frozen fruit, fun straws, and cocktail umbrellas to dress your beverage up.  Check out Life as Mama for this fun idea for kids to toast with.

DIY New Years

Balloons….can’t have a proper party without balloons.  I ordered mine on Amazon.  Different colors to make it cheery and bright.  I have two activities for the use of my balloons and all extras are spread throughout my house for fun anytime (my kids can play with balloons all day).  Our first activity is the balloon drop.  Last year my kids loved this, and wanted to keep doing this over and over.  Definitely something they will always remember, which is why we are doing it again this year. Thanks to One Good Thing by Jillee, we have this fun activity.  All that is needed are balloons, plastic table-cloth, streamers, and if you’re a brave mom confetti.

Fun things to do on New Year's Eve with kids! The best ideas for New Year's Eve countdowns, games, crafts, food, activities, and more! How to celebrate New Year's at home with your family.

Balloon countdown is my second activity with balloons.  We are trying the balloon countdown this year but last year we did a bag countdown which was fun, just mixing it up a bit.  The amount of balloons needed for this is totally up to you. You will need a balloon for whatever time you decide to start your PARTY and then one for every hour of your party.  It’s always Autumn is a great example of this activity.  All you need are balloons, sharpie to write the hour (depending on how many activities you have planned maybe every half hour), and a small piece of paper to place inside the balloon with whatever activity you have planned for that time.  Blow them up and string them in order with some ribbon.  Let your kiddos “pop” the balloon at the given time (we of course have to take turns) with a push-pin or simply stomping the balloon.  My kids love the anticipation of the big BANG.

This year my hourly/half hourly activities include:


Color scavenger hunt; this is a great one for littles.  Super easy to put together as well.  Scribble a few familiar colored crayons on a paper bag with the name of the color underneath.  Have the kids go around the house on a scavenger hunt to find items that are the colors on your bag.  To challenge the kids, time them and whoever finishes with the most items in their bag wins.

Board games; Guess Who, Apples to Apples, JengaHiss (good for littles), Labyrinth, Pencil Nose,….yes even that awful Pie in the Face. (I really dread that game but allow it like once a year for something special such as New Year’s.)

If you're planning on spending New Year's Eve as a family this year, we've got your covered! Enjoy these 30 Awesome New Year's Eve Games for the family - #3 is my favorite!

Confetti popper; fun, simple, and honestly good for every age group.  If you are that brave mom that dares to put out confetti than this one is for you.   Martha Stewart had this great idea.  Who doesn’t have some bubble wrap lying around after Christmas?  I know after all my online purchasing for the holidays I had a nice supply. If not find bubble wrap here.  Throw a little confetti on the floor, tape some bubble wrap over the confetti and let the kids jump to their hearts desire.  You can even have a dance party making all the noise you want.

Glow in the dark freeze dance; just as it states, freeze dance in the dark with glow in the dark sticks.


Wishing wall; the wishing wall in Times square which is actually called Hopes and Dreams gave me this idea.  A mindful way to express your wishes, thoughts and possible resolutions as a family.  Some color coded cardstock or post its and a cork board is all you need (if you don’t have a cork board try some left over cardboard from the holidays).

How to make a New Year's Noisemaker Bell at #kidscraft

Make your own noisemaker; thanks to Paging Supermom for this fabulous craft.  Save those cans from dinner (if none on hand find them here, gather some cute twine, pom poms, and bells.

Build an enormous fort just like Pretty Providence and One good thing. Gather every blanket, pillow, and stuffed or real animal you can find.  We all have one big sleepover on New Year’s so we go big.

The grand finale, silly string war; okay so we all know I am the crazy mom that does confetti, well I also double down with silly string.  Two cans of silly string a person and we have ourselves a little war.  I figure once a year I will let those two mess makers happen in one night. Bring on 2019!

Here are a few extras that can make your party have the special touch:

I found this festive New Year’s package with tiaras, hats, and all the trimmings.

We love to hang tinsel over the bathroom and any other frequently used doorway as it just to fun to walk through, also double up as a photo prop background.  Speaking of… check out these sweet photo props.  For a fun PG adult photo prop, I love this enormous sized Champagne bottle.

These metallic streamers are a fun way to get the kids involved in decorating the house for the party.  Stream them anywhere streamers are stream able.  Also this banner is a must paired with these balloons.

Hope you are inspired and enthused to plan the best ever New Year’s Eve party.  Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019!!  Happy New Year’s!Happy New Year! //

Photo cred; add a pinch.

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Toasting time; New Years Eve table

Is it too early to start thinking New Years?  Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas and even more love decorating for Christmas.  But….. after decorations have been up for a few weeks I am ready for something new.  Our family tradition on New Years is to stay home and ring in the New Year.  It really is fun and I know my kiddos look forward to it every year.  I plan games, food, drinks both adult friendly (well duh) and kid friendly.  More plans for this years party to come as it is in the works.   The table is the heart of our home.  We eat, play games and really just gather there.  So I really like to make my table “pop”.  This years table was fun as my kids helped me put it together.


The holidays are so busy, it is hard to find the time to take Christmas down and put up New Years, not to mention the wallet is a little empty.  This table was quick, affordable (these two qualifications are a must) and added just enough flair for our party.


First off how cute is this clock?  The colors fit nicely into my theme.  I love decorating with clocks for New Years,  and this one I know I can decorate with all year-long.  The box was a gift from a friend, it tied into the table and is sentimental.  I love using items that remind me of something/someone special in decorating.  Every time I see it I smile.  Look around your house, for sentimental items that fit into your theme to use as well, and hopefully it will make you smile.


The table runner I have had for years but found this really cute black table runner that is very versatile.  The black plate chargers I purchased for my Christmas table and I was able to reuse them for my New Years table….ca ching!  My plates are plastic!! Double ca ching!! First of all no dishes on New Years right!?  Second of all these plastic clear plates are just chic enough to be used for many occasions and for a good price!


Thanks to Pixels and Paperie for these adorable New Years clocks.  I was able to print at home 6 large clocks and 36 small clocks (they print out one large clock and six small clocks per page).  My kiddos cut out the clocks, (good way to get them involved when they want to help) and we placed the large clocks under our plastic clear plates.  They show through nicely!  We then placed the smaller clocks around our table and buffet for our clock theme.  Super cute, unique and best of all cheap table setting.


Countdown to midnight napkins fit in perfect with my clock and color theme.  Mix it in with some sparkly paper stars and confetti and your table will have a whole lot of pizzaz.


Here is a closer look at the small clocks mixed in with some fun confetti.



How magical do these “floating bubbles” look above your table?  I grabbed some fishing wire and found these amazing ornaments in my color pallete….pst. they are on sale right now!  I hung them from our chandelier at different lengths and colors.  That is the secret to looking like floating bubbles, to make sure they are all at different lengths.  I chose to use 12 ornaments as my chandelier is more horizontal, if I hung more it wouldn’t stay gathered.  But, typically I always say the more the merrier.  I used the remaining ornaments scattered around my centerpiece and filled some glass vases on my buffet.


And there ya have it.  Our headquarters for the evening, where we will eat, laugh and conspire New Year Resolutions.  What kinds of things do you all put up for New Years?  I would love to see some inspiration as this holiday often gets skipped as far as decor is concerned.  Cheers!!


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