Patriotic Pillow DIY


Hey everyone!  It’s Tuesday and with that being said I find Tuesdays to be one of my favorite days.  It is kind of boring and quiet which is perfect for a little DIY.  This patriotic pillow is just the thing for our upcoming holiday, a holiday I noticed I don’t have much decor for.  I am thrilled to be able to supply my July 4th bin with more decor, so grab the kiddos and have them help as this pillow is ever so easy and fun!

Items needed:

  • Poms in red white and blue
  • Fabric glue
  • White Pillow

As simple as that supply list is, so is the actual construction of this pillow.  It took me about 10 minutes to apply the poms and a few hours to let the glue dry.  The idea is to glue the poms with your fabric glue in the design of an American flag.  I glued about eleven blue poms in the top left corner staggering them with four poms on the first row, then three on the next row, and then again four poms on the third row.  A total of three rows of blue poms spaced about a finger space apart.  Of coarse, your design will depend on the size of your pillow,  you may need to add more poms or space them further apart to fill the front of your pillow.  Next, I added the red and white poms to imitate the red and white stripes of the flag.  I continued the rows that I started with the blue poms and worked my way down the pillow altering the red and white poms.  I  spaced the red and white poms about two finger spaces apart.  I staggered the red and white poms with each row as well to create a less unified look.  Once finished follow the directions on your fabric glue for dry times, I let mine dry for about three hours before I placed mine on my porch.

There ya have it, folks!  It’s just that easy and added so much more to my porch in celebration of our upcoming holiday.  As I said before, my decor bin for July 4th is slim pickins so this was a great budget-friendly addition.  If you have any more budget-friendly, DIY , simple decor ideas for this great American holiday, please share as I always have room for more decor!


Happy DIY Tuesday!  Let’s get creative!




July 4th Decor for the Win

Courtesy of Etsy

Happy Birthday, America!  America, you are going to be 243 years old in just a few short weeks.  That’s right, in just a few weeks it will be July 4th…are you prepared?  Do you have your patriotic decor on display?  I struggle with decor for July 4th.  For me, most patriotic decor is very different from my style and what I tend to like.  It is a bit country cottage, which works for some but not for me.  So this year I wanted to up my game and celebrate a little more of this amazing American summer holiday.  This means finding some modern decor that suits my style which is really hard to pinpoint, I guess you could call it post-modern boho?  If you are like me and want to find something outside of the traditional patriotic style then follow along and maybe you too can up your game.  Ready to make your neighbors do a double take?

DIY American Flag Weaving:

Courtesy of The House that Lars Built

This one might be my all time favorite!  What an amazingly modern wreath for my front door, or display above my mantle this July 4th.  I am going to do a DIY tutorial on this so stay tuned!

Patriotic Gnomes:

Courtesy of Etsy


Speaking of the mantle, or maybe even hidden in one of your summer pots (preferably under a covered porch)….gnomes for every occasion!

Updated July 4th Patio Cushions:

This time of year every craft store in town will have patriotic bandannas.  Because you honestly can’t let America’s big day go by without an old fashion bandanna display.  So simple to cover each side of a cushion with one bandanna, tying off the corners with some burlap twine.  So pull up a seat to this perfect all American BBQ.

July Balloons:

Courtesy of The Crafted Sparrow


If you don’t have some red, white and blue lanterns to tie up in your trees, such as the ones pictured above, try these DIY balloons.  Just strategically place them around your yard.  Get your kids in on this project as they love to help decorate too!

Modern American Throw Pillows:

Whether you need festive throw pillows for those Adirondacks on the front lawn, that amazing porch swing, or your sofa these throw pillows will definitely feel a step above the rest.

Patriotic Tablescapes:

Get those outdoor spaces guest ready with a few inspiring tablescapes.

Mantle Worthy:

A few simple and modern ideas to make sure you bring the festivities and decor inside as well as outside.

Hygge Placemats:

Courtesy of Etsy

I have to share these amazing Scandinavian placemats, because you know if you have little’s you NEED placemats.

Independence Day Pineapple Sparkler Centerpiece:

Courtesy of Freutcake

So fun and so easy to make, all you need is pineapple, spraypaint and an all-time favorite, SPARKLERS.  Light them up at dusk and let the fireworks begin.

Firework Halo:

Courtesy of The Merrythought

Create this dreamy fireworks-inspired pom pom mobile using metallic pipe cleaners, clear nylon string, and metal hoops. If you’re worried about the forecast calling for windy days, stick to a simple halo made of pom poms, or bring your mobile indoors.


How are you spending your Independence Day?  Any fun modern decor that you display to help celebrate our beautiful country?  Follow me on Pinterest cottonandchaos and/or Instagram @cottonandchaosjen for more ideas and fun.

Happy Birthday USA!



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