A Modern Take on Halloween Decor

Becky Owens

Happy Halloween!!  Wait no…we still have time as Halloween isn’t for a few more weeks!  So if you still need to get in the spirit of this haunting holiday but find yourself having a hard time finding inspiration, or maybe just want some more modern ideas for Halloween decor, look no further as I have you covered.  I have put together a collection of modern and tasteful ideas for you to pull inspiration from and get those creative and/or festive juices flowing.  So cue Pandora’s Halloween station and let’s get ready to usher in this spooky holiday.

Let’s dissect these modern mantles and why they work.  I think the biggest reason they feel more modern and tasteful is a neutral color palette.  It doesn’t have more than a few colors used throughout the space which feels more purposeful and planned.  When you have too many colors used (say more than 3) it can become overwhelming and start to look a little too tacky and “thrown” together.  Another reason these mantles work is the use of natural organic materials that you will see in the latter two pictures above.  They have twigs of varying heights and sizes which bring a natural element to the design.  Pumpkins are another great natural element that’s a must when styling a Halloween mantle.  Bonus: natural twig pumpkin + pumpkins of varying color and sizes= harmony.

Cotton and Chaos

Front porch decor can be a tricky one to get just right.  First, you need to decide if you are inspired to scare “you know what” out of children or are you more partial to having a chic and stylish front porch that welcomes the kiddos to the front door.  Now don’t get me wrong, I like a good scare as much as anybody…however I LOVE a perfectly non-perfect styled porch if that makes any sense??  A more natural (natural meaning using natural elements such as twigs and pumpkins) placed on the front porch in almost a haphazard kind of way just seems to come together in a very pleasing way.  Incorporating a few faux birds or paper crafted bats is such a great way to still take it to that “creepy” level.  And can I just mention how cool the second front porch’s door pictured above is!?  I mean using a rolled vintage-inspired parchment paper with a skeleton head printed on it…what a unique and innovative wreath.

Speaking of wreaths… look at these amazing wreaths that are trendy without screaming too busy!  Something soft and whimsical in the first picture above.  This wreath is so striking with the beautiful black door as a backdrop, it just seems meant to be.   The second picture totally nails it as once again…wait for it… it has a natural feel and element of twigs that just fit so well with modern decor.  What gives the wreath all the scary Halloween feels is the matte black hue of the twig wreath.

Painting your pumpkins, or using alternative media to decorate with gives a fresh new flare to pumpkins for Halloween.  Plus do I even need to say it??  NO MESS!!  Yes, please!!  Let’s face it unless you are a skilled carver, those pumpkins that are carved up and scooped out never look good and create such a mess.  Not to mention they rot much quicker rather than the painted pumpkins which have longer longevity.

Glass domes or cloches aren’t just for your fancy and glamorous Christmas displays.  You can place a black candle or pumpkin inside along with some Halloween faux florals and viola!!  You have a super glam Halloween display!

I hope that I have encouraged you to get in the “spirit” of this spooktacular holiday.  Leaving you today with a few more Halloween photos to inspire more modern displays throughout your home this year.  Keeping in theme, you will find natural elements of florals and twigs throughout the photos above.  So many of these ideas don’t require much but a few twigs and such from your own yard.  You can easily create a stylish Halloween home just by scaling back on the decor, using a neutral color palette while incorporating natural elements.  And if you feel you want to add a little more game to your style…so many of these ideas can be DIY, such as the black-painted twigs bundled together at the base with black burlap.  Those would make such a great centerpiece for your Halloween feast!


I hope everyone has a bootiful day!