Painting Tile Back Splash Do’s and Don’ts

Today we are talking about painting your backsplash.  Is it a good idea?  Is it going to hold up? Will it look ok?  So many questions and no real guarantees that it will be what you envisioned.  Well for me and the case of my kitchen I decided to give it a try and be the test run for you all.  I really don’t like our current kitchen for so many reasons.   The layout is cramped, the colors are wrong, the list goes on and on…  We will eventually get around to gutting our kitchen and actually swapping our current dining room for our new and improved kitchen.  This will be a much better flow throughout the home as well as within the kitchen.  Our current kitchen will actually then turn into our dining room.  But this is a huge project and we aren’t quite ready to take this on financially and mentally, (not to mention physically).  So, for now, I thought why not try painting the backsplash to match my current decor and color palette.  I told myself “it can’t hurt and if it is terrible it will eventually be demo dust anyway”.  So let me share with you my do’s and don’ts from someone who has ventured down this road and has answers for you.  First, let me share with you a before picture of my kitchen…

My initial reaction to this kitchen when we bought this house in Boise, was dark and cramped.  The cabinets are great quality and there is so much of them which is great for storage.  Now while I can’t do anything about the cramped problem, I did try to brighten up the kitchen a bit just by painting the backsplash.  While painting the cabinets a lighter shade would have helped the kitchen feel more open and bright, I didn’t want to spend the time and money doing this as I said this will all be demolished in the near future.  After reading so many articles and blogs about painting backsplashes, then taking a dry run painting my fireplace and bathroom tile, (read those articles here and here) I thought I was ready and prepared to take on the kitchen tile. 

The majority of my kitchen backsplash is actually a stone backsplash.  So to get started, first and foremost be sure to thoroughly clean your backsplash before beginning.  If you are painting a kitchen backsplash be sure to pay special attention to grease stains and food buildup.  In keeping with my knowledge learned from painting my stone fireplace, I stayed with the latex paint, a nappy roller and polyester paintbrush.  I painted the grout lines first along with the outline of the backsplash, letting that coat dry before I applied a second coat in the same places.  Once the second coat has dried I applied my first roller coat everywhere, getting as close to the counter and cupboards that my roller would allow.  Doing this keeps the texture uniform throughout the backsplash.  I let this coat dry and applied my second roller coat in the same manner.  I am very happy with the look I achieved.  Painting the stone backsplash a white hue (AIabaster, Sherwin Williams) made a huge improvement in the brightness department.  However, after living with this backsplash for a few months now, I can say I wish I would have applied a bonding paint primer first.  The paint would have adhered more cohesively and the durability overall would have been better.  I didn’t apply the bonding primer first before I painted my stone fireplace and bathroom backsplash (same stone backsplash) and those areas have held up great.  Something about kitchen backsplashes that take a beating and mine definitely has.  Nothing a few touch-ups cant fix.  But if I were to do it again I would definitely apply the bonding primer.

Now onto my small decorative backsplash behind the stove.  I knew this would be a whole new beast to tackle as it is a glass backsplash and not stone.  This means it is less porous which will make the paint have a harder time adhering as well as any clean up (which will be a lot as it is right behind the stove) difficult.  So the items used to accomplish this monster are as follows:

Start off by cleaning and cleaning and then scrub some more.  This area can have a lot of grease build-up.  If you don’t clean the grease off, the bonding primer will not adhere and you will see your stains more clearly after painted then you did beforehand.  Second I scuffed up the glass tile a bit with 80 grit sandpaper.  This is just an extra step to ensure good application.  Third I applied the bonding primer, and let me just say this bonding primer is the bomb!!  Thanks to my local Lowe’s paint experts I found the secret to a good paint application on difficult areas.  I applied the primer around the outline of the area first, applying two coats letting each coat dry before applying the next.

After the outline has dried I applied the first overall coat with a polyester paintbrush.  Letting the first coat dry then appling the second coat and letting the area dry for two hours before applying my latex paint.  I applied my latex paint in the same manner as the primer.  I let this dry for two more hours before I felt the area was totally dry.

It has been a huge improvement in our kitchen and really brightened up the space I spend a lot of time in.  While not my dream kitchen I am very happy with the cheap and quick upgrade.  That’s the best part, the cost was minimal as you don’t need much paint for such a small project.  Small project+minimal cost=huge improvement!!  If you find yourself in the same conundrum and need a quick and fast upgrade/refresh I am fully in support of painting your backsplash.  So if you have a couple of hours to spare give it a try and I know you will love the outcome as much as I do.

I hope this article helps and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out and comment.  I have done this trial and error so let me help you to not make the same mistakes.  Even better if you have done this before and have a good before and after please share as my all-time favorite is a good before and after.

Have a terrific Tuesday!!




Boho Door Decor

So the 4th of July is over and the dog days of summer are at our heels.  The next biggest holiday to look forward too is possibly Halloween or the cooler temperatures of fall (that’s a holiday right?!).  I struggle this time of year, not just with heat exhaustion, but with how and what to decorate my porch with.  My porch is always centered around the next holiday or season, but with nothing on the horizon and my patriotic decor down for the summer…what to do next??  And then it hit me…why not try a boho theme that I have been seeing everywhere.  Black and white paired with a natural fiber, such as wicker, is totally my jam.  Everything I have on my porch is my favorite scheme including my DOG!  I swear when we picked him up as a pup, I never thought “he is the one, he matches my house decor…haha!!  Seriously though I love black and white and I love my dog, win-win!  Another fun fact about my porch is that everything is either homemade, recycled and/or reused/refurbished.  Check out my post on my wicker chair redo here.  Today however I am here to talk about my boho “wreath”.  Although “wreath” doesn’t sound quite right for this door decor piece, I can’t seem to find the right words to describe it.  What do you think we should call this?  Weaving?  Just not sure, anyhow, check out my quick, fun and believe it or not stress relieving DIY craft I created in about an hour.  The perfect summer porch retreat in the heat of the summer color palette awaits you.  So get ready to create yours if you too have thought about what to do with your porch in these last few months of summer.

Items needed:

  • A stick from the outdoors, thick enough to wrap the string around without snapping.  Long enough for your desired width.
  • Spools of string in your color palette of choice.  I used one whole spool of cream, however, I used more cream in my “wreath”.  If you decide to use more of one color, you may need to buy multiples of that color. If you decided you want longer strings than the length pictured above you may also need to buy multiple spools of the same color.
  • Scissors

First off establish a length to your own liking.  Remember you will be doubling the strings over when you tie a knot around the stick so don’t forget to take this into account when determining your length (look at the black strings above to see how long my strings actually are when folded in half).  I bundled about six strings together and when doubled over it turns to twelve strings which is a good size for a small knot.  If you want a bigger knot simply cut more strings to then double over.

Next, take your doubled over strings and loop around your stick pulling your ends through the loop formed by initially doubling your strings over, just like the picture above.

Here is what it should look like after a few knots.  There are many different knots you can make, or you can weave the strings as well, but for this tutorial, we are keeping it simple. To give you an idea, I chose to have a pattern of twelve cream knots followed by four black knots, three cream knots, four black knots, and twelve cream knots.  Depending on how wild you want to get with your colors and patterns, the options are endless.

Now for a few finishing touches.  I added a few braided pieces incorporating black and cream together to transition the colors more seamlessly.  I also added a few wooden beads strung on the black string for extra texture and dimension.  My wooden strung beads were an afterthought but I am so glad I added them as I think they really complete the look, don’t you?  I had some wooden beads on hand but anywhere you can purchase craft goodies you will find wooden beads easily.

There you have it, and if I do say so myself I just love it!  The “wreath” really “made” the porch look and feel like the vibe I was going for.  I love when I have a successful DIY’s, they totally make my day.  All the while I am going to enjoy this “wreath” more because I made it!  On a side note, my gardenia tree isn’t happy right now so I am trying to nurse him back to health.  If you have any suggestions on this I would gladly take them as this is a very moody tree!

Just a few environmentally friendly tips on how to keep this DIY a green DIY.  First off I found a stick in my backyard, don’t have one in your yard, check your local park (my dog is always bringing sticks home from the park).  Avoid using a plastic rod if possible.  The same thing with the wood beads, try finding them in a natural fiber (like wood) instead of plastic.  Last but not least, use a natural string like a cotton twine.  I found mine on Amazon but I don’t think you would have a hard time finding them at your local craft store as well.

Well, what are you waiting for… go and get that boho “wreath” on your door, just in time for the dog days of summer.

Happy stick weaving!




Home Improvements Made with Love

Photo cred:

Do you flip through Pinterest and Instagram or maybe even just design mags and think…wow how do they do this?   First of all, these pictures have been styled, shot and filtered to boot, so of course, they are going to look gorg!  In all honesty, if I cleaned, organized and styled my home for a shoot I am sure it would look halfway decent and I might even be impressed how well it looks through the lens.  But this is real life and I don’t have time to have my home in perfect camera shoot condition.   Not only do I not have time for a perfect home, but I also don’t have the budget to accomplish what they can with their deep pocketbooks, (nor do I really want them as this would mean I would have the capability to just throw away and create waste for whatever my current mood and style preference is).  If I had a deep wallet I would be vacationing more often and my children’s college savings would be in prime savings status.  So back to real life…I love these pictures and would love to recreate them in my home but without the price tag.  Is this even possible?  Yes, totally, with a little creative juice and will power there is always a way!  Let me share with you a few home improvements made with love that you can make with sustainable in mind.  Best of all when you make something yourself you love and care for it that much more. So put on your comfy pants (I always enjoy anything more with comfy pants) and let me share a few ideas with you to help you get started.  Let’s get creative…

Photo cred:

First off we have the painted headboard.  Don’t have a headboard, no problem!!  Just paint one.  Grab your paint, brush and some painters tape and get creative with your design.  The two pictures above are both painted headboards, whether you fancy a circular or rectangular shape, they both can be done in a day and have a huge impact!  The best part is, paint can easily be changed or fixed (an eco-friendly paint like limewash paint would be a great sustainable solution).  The only thing you are wasting is the initial cost of the paint and time, if and when you choose to change it.

photo cred:

No baseboards, again don’t fret a little paint can go a long way!  This picture has a painted wall about a quarter of the way up from the floors, to mimic baseboards.  You could always paint less of a margin or stay at a quarter for more of a statement.  Either way you are giving an illusion of a baseboard and the best part is it won’t cost an arm and a leg to have a baseboard with height.  This picture shows a paint with a suede-like texture which is what a limewash paint can do.  My favorite thing about a limewash paint is how eco-friendly, solvent-free and hypoallergenic it is.  Another bonus, it’s naturally bacteria resistant.  The cons of this paint are the limited color palette, mottled appearance hard to control and not to everyone’s liking.  It also may be hard to clean so use it in a less high traffic area.  But I am telling you the texture in the paint adds depth that is beyond amazing so definitely worth a look.

photo cred:

Paint your ceiling a different color other than white.  You may even want to get bold and tape off a design (depending on, if your arms are up to a bit of a workout).

photo cred:

A simple floating shelf display like the one above is definitely jaw-dropping.  What makes it eye-popping is the ombre paint of the background space and shelves in unison.  Again grabbing your paint, brush and painters tape, along with some knowledge on hanging floating shelves (pre-cut wood pieces available at your local hardware store or better yet craigslist/facebook if you’re lucky).

photo cred:

One last simple paint fix, painting the inside of your front door.  As seen in this photo, you can get a little weird with it (which I love) by taping off a design or simply just painting the interior side anything other than white, can have a huge impact.

photo cred:

Drab shower floor?  Don’t rip out the entire shower if it is functional.  Simply refurbish the floor of your shower with a lovely wood pallet.  Using sustainable wood such as bamboo, so stunning and modern.  Best part bamboo can stand up to water quite well.  The small gaps in between the wood panels allow for drainage so no plumbing knowledge required.

photo cred:

Not a fan of the hardware in your bathroom, but it is fully functional.  Simply remove the faucet knobs and spray paint them a color of our choosing.  I used Rustoleum metallic spray paint in black.

photo cred: The House that Lars Built

I found this idea that I must try.  I have seen so many amazing light fixtures made from wood beads.  Why not try a little DIY… one that I can design and call my own.  LOVE!!  For the tutorial click here.

Last but certainly not least, a DIY pouf for your inside and outside spaces.  Check out Rachel from A Beautiful Mess for this soft plush indoor pouf that your furry family is sure to take over.  Need some inspiration for your outdoor space, maybe a table, chair or pouf, check out


Hopefully, this gets the ticker going and you have some great ideas brewing.  If you have any sustainable, refurbishing ideas to improve your home please share in the comments below.


Happy creating and happy living!!



Cheers; DIY Coasters


I have such a fascination with coasters lately.  With the summer in full swing and everyone wanting to quench their thirst in the summer heat, cool beverages are a must! What comes along with those tall, cool glasses of liquid, sweating!  Now, this isn’t the bad kind of sweating, (although is there really a bad kind, cause if I am sweating…kudos to me for some physical activity!) this is the good kind of sweating proving this glass is full of ice cold sweetness. The simple science behind this = condensation and this can cause a harmful ring on your wood, glass, and metal surfaces.  A simple fix= a drink coaster.  Not only do drink coasters have a very important function but they can also be a styled accessory to your coffee or patio table.  This brings me to my fun DIY coaster.  So get those creative juices flowing and follow along to style some tables of your own (and possibly keep them from condensation rings).  You can also get the kiddos involved in the fun, as this is right up their ally keeping them off the screens!  Your guests will take notice of these fun designs asking “where did you get these”?  Huge WIN in my book!  Let’s get started:

Items needed:

  • Corkboard thick enough to absorb moisture and won’t curl up on edges. I got mine here.
  • Craft paint (2 colors) and paint brushes
  • Geometric template
  • Exacto knife or rotary knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Pen or marker
  • Washi or scotch tape

Start by printing out your template, if a geometric shape isn’t your jam here is a circular one.  Once your template is printed, cut out the shape and trace the shape onto the cork board either with a pen or marker.  Using your cutting board and rotary knife, (make sure your blade is sharp or you won’t have clean cuts) cut into the cork to form your shape. Typically a coaster set comes in a set of six, so that is what I cut out but there are no hard and fast rules here.  If you only need two, cut two, if you need twelve have at it, lucky for you the cork is soft and very easy to cut through, (so you won’t have sore hands afterward).

Now mask off an area that’s equivalent to a third of the hexagon with the tape. Take the tape from the outer points to the inner point. You can measure where the middle is to start with if you’d prefer.  Paint the exposed portion of the cork, you will most likely need two coats for vibrancy.  Let each coat dry before applying the next.  Remove the tape once dry and then mask out another third with some more tape. If you make sure that each color stays on the same side of the shape then the colors will fit together perfectly. You’ll need two coats of paint to fill in this second shape as well.  Once the coaster is completely dry peel off the tape.  Now you have fun conversation pieces while beautifully protecting your surfaces.

These would also be so fun for a homemade hostess gift, or just the right thing to give that friend, who has everything, for her birthday, (that’s what I did and it was a huge hit).  Oh and need some neighbor gifts for that holiday season, these would be great in a Christmas palette with some festive ribbon.  These DIY geometric coasters pack a punch and can be used individually or slotted together to create a patterned trivet for serving. It’s basically the cutest (and easiest) puzzle you’ll ever see!  I am honestly addicted and I can vouch these are so simple and fun!

So what are you waiting for fellow DIY enthusiasts??  Get started and please share your puzzle coasters with me.  I would love to see the color combos you all choose.

Happy creating and happy serving!



Disclosure: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links meaning I could make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

A little dose of before and after


Hey all!  So I have finally moved onto another bathroom in my house and am so excited to share!  Approaching the one year mark of being here in Boise, in our fixer-upper….I sure hoped to be further along in the actual “fix up” process.  Such is life, and life with three busy kids can be hard to get things done, who knew!  My kid’s bathroom was a rough one!!  If I had to pick a theme for the recent decor I would have to say some sort of Aladdin inspired style.

You can see why I feel I have been transported into the Aladdin movie with this purple color matched with these gold mirrors reflecting Eastern shaped decor.


I couldn’t take it any longer, (I seem to finally crack with so much dislike for the outdated decor, I snap and decide to start a remodel at the worst times), I mustered all my energy and finished a project on my list.  My two younger kiddos wanted a superhero bathroom which kinda made me cringe, but I was able to come up with a happy medium.  Something we all like, all the while not slamming you in the face with a crazy marvel color scheme.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind a little color but feel that we currently already have one room (my son’s) dedicated to marvel decor.  My first desire was to lighten this space up.  It is a bathroom so I wanted it to feel fresh and clean (I appreciate a clean feel in the loo).  From there the design took off and turned out great!  Let me share…


So much brighter!  The perfect kid’s bathroom and let me tell you why.  First off I hung the mirrors a little lower than average as my littles need to be able to see themselves.  Second, I found the best memory foam, feel like your stepping on clouds rugs, for each kiddo to rest their feet on while we brush out tangles and scrub our teeth.  My hope is they will feel so divine standing on these rugs that the rest of our meltdowns just fade away.  That is just wishful thinking I suppose.  Third, this is actually a Superhero bathroom.  Notice my DIY art hung on the wall?  Our friends Capt. America, Spiderman, Falcon, Batgirl, Supergirl, and Black Widow all make an appearance in black and white.  I found all these superhero images on Pinterest under superhero coloring pages.  I printed them at home for free and found some cheap white frames at Micheal’s to hang on the wall.  I made sure to find frames that had mattes so the images looked better and not cheap like a poster in a frame.  So easy and made the kids sooo happy!  I knew I wanted a bright white fresh bathroom, then deciding to use black and white images of superhero’s I kept in color scheme and found black and white accents to finish out the bathroom.  Black mirrors, black rugs, black and white striped rugs with black and white hand towels all tie in together.  My hardware on the vanity and faucets are all a matte black as well.  A white shower curtain makes the room feel more open and airy.  Using a black basket on the counter to corral all the kid’s toiletries keeps everything looking tidy.  We also had a little fun with the above toilet cabinet adding a few action superheroes (and maybe a poop emoji).  I am really stoked at how this turned out and the best part is this was really at no cost.  I painted the room adding new mirrors.  We spray painted the existing faucets and hardware to match the color scheme.  Purchased new rugs, towels and displayed our superheroes in matching frames was all it took.  Hope you like the finished product!


Do you have cost-friendly bathroom remodels to share?  Any compromises on bathrooms where kids request interesting ideas in decor?  Do you need any ideas to remodel, update and refresh your loo?  Upload some before pictures and I would love to help brainstorm inspiration for you!


Have a great Hump Day, Happy Wednesday!


Add some color; add some personality

Hey there!  Just wanted to share some tips and inspiration on adding color to your space.  Adding pops of color here and there can really bring some personality to your space that really shows who you are and what your style is.  Whether you just add pops of color or go all out and paint that beautifully moody bedroom the daring shade you have always wanted, color is a trend that will never fade.  I have found some amazing examples to help inspire you to take that jump and add distinctive character that is you.

First, let’s start with pops of color as this is the best way to take it “slow” if you are new to color.  Pops of color is a great way to showcase your personality through a neutral background.  Most of us probably are more comfortable with small pops of color and the best part is you can switch out the color as easy as 1,2,3.  A few throw pillows in a vibrant pink magenta that matches the rug with a few accents can easily be switched to a different color or more subdued color.  No painting walls or buying new furniture, simply store away and bring back out when you feel like more character.

Need some color in your neutral kitchen?  Don’t paint the cupboards or the walls, find a different focal point.  Love this blue island, very unique and fresh.

How about your powder room?  Such an easy space to add some funky fun personality.  Powder rooms are small and work perfectly for daring ideas.  Check out this bold powder room.

Let’s explore this idea a little further.  Let’s add some more color.  Let’s get a little “moody”…

Sally Worts

This room has a tonal dark blue color, that brings a sassy style.  Using accents of warm golden tones really pops against that stylable blue.  This is such a huge trend right now, painting a room in a tonal effect, meaning that the trim, molding, and baseboards are all painted the same color.  This technique is definitely more of a commitment and you have to be ready for the dramatic effect but isn’t it to dye for (no pun intended, haha).

Burnett Bungalow

Love how this masculine color really turned quite romantic and feminine with a few color popping accents.  The dark walls are very complimentary with the natural toned floors and mirror frame, the white furniture ties in nicely with the white baseboards.


I love how this dining room came together.  It looks so glamorous with the dark tones marrying the warm tones of the wood up high and down low.  This is the perfect picture of a very dramatic moody room.  Again there is more of a commitment but such a statement that it may be worth living with for a while.

I hope I have inspired you all to create spaces and homes that showcase your personality through color.  What do you prefer?  Pops of color or the tonal wall to wall color?  I would love to see how you have all come to style with your personality, so please share.

Happy colorful Tuesday!  Hope you all have a great rest of your week!!



Take a Moment to Pause

Hey all!  I have a confession to make.  I dislike doing dishes!!  Even more,  I despise cooking and baking.  With that being said I have a family of five so I am constantly doing those dreaded things.  I find myself in the kitchen, wishing and daydreaming to be doing anything else.  I have decided to try and look at these chores in a different way, better yet having something lovely to look at while I do these chores!  I have designed a little window vignette that helps remind me what I love most, the outdoors!  Someplace I can pause and reflect.  To take a moment and just breathe, to be mindful.  Not that you need to style a vignette to do this, because being mindful and taking pause can literally happen anywhere.  I just find it more enjoyable and peaceful to create a space to remind me to slow down and reflect.

I find myself standing at this spot in my house at any given time all the time!  So why not embrace it, right?  I love to be able to see outdoors to my children playing outside while I prepare or clean up a meal.  Opening the windows to hear laughter and converse with the family.  The bones of this space were perfect for just a bit of a spruce up.  I decided to add my favorite wood ceiling fixture in the corner of this window box for a unique and special highlight.  It also helps to absorb some of the white negative space between the two cupboards.  I like the organic natural approach to any decorating so of course, with this window box and all the amazing light pouring in, placing plants here is a must!

Keeping with the organic theme I placed the not so fun stuff (dish soap) in a wood box, that flows nicely with some of the plant pots and wooden ceiling fixture up top.  Trying to take it a step further and place a vase with a pretty flower matching the tall plant’s pot in mustard yellow.  Who wouldn’t want to do dishes now??

Well, there ya have it, a view from my seat in life.  I can now remember when I am in this very spot to stop and soak it all in.  Be grateful for the beauty right outside my window and right in front of me.  I am hoping now to enjoy doing the dishes more (is that possible?).

Do you all have a spot that helps you to slow down soak it all in?  A place that reminds you to breathe and reflect on all that you are grateful for?  Please share some mindful spaces you all enjoy.  Also, any tips on how to enjoy chores more are much appreciated!!


P.s. This is a really great spot to grow some starts of fresh herbs for our garden.  Check out the far right corner.

A Simple Hack to Styling a Room

There is a thought process when trying to decide on how to style a room.  First, you want to understand its function so that you can style around whatever that may be.  Second, you will want to establish a mood, is it formal or casual?  This helps you to determine what colors, textures, and furniture you will need.  When you have determined all the above, try drawing out on graph paper where you will place each piece of furniture.  This will help to decide wall paint and accent walls.  Now it becomes easier to put your plans into action.  Once you have painted walls and placed furniture, it is my favorite time, time to style.

Many people get timid about this part, but you shouldn’t be.  This part of the decorating is all about you and your style.  This is your home so let it reflect your style.  There are many different styles out there such as bohemian, minimalist, farmhouse, contemporary, and so on.  Lucky for us there are also many quizzes online that can help you narrow down your style.  For me, I find that I can simply look at Pinterest, or magazines to get a feel for what my style is.  Another way is to look inside your closet and see what your wardrobe reflects.  My personal style would be a modern boho style if I had to pick.  Something free-spirited.  That’s what I want my style to portray, casual, fun, with a little unique or maybe weird.

Now that we have completed the initial design steps how to get started?  Well, start with each corner of the room, focusing on table tops, shelves, nooks, etc.  You will want to create little vignettes.  The definition of a vignette is as follows:

  1. 1.
    a brief evocative description, account, or episode.
    “a classic vignette of embassy life”
  2. 2.
    a small illustration or portrait photograph which fades into its background without a definite border.
  1. 1.
    portray (someone) in the style of a vignette.

So basically just have fun with this.  Try to keep within your color palette, mood, and style of the room but get a little funky.  You want to create little corners, shelves, and tabletops, that tell a small story about you or your family.  Something interesting and dear to you is always a must.  Maybe a cool collection of things found on vacation, or a flea market find.  Honestly, it is hard to go wrong here,  so turn up the music, relax and have fun.  It is all about putting little things together and standing back to see if it “feels” right and balanced.  There are really no hard rules here so if it feels good to you then it is on point!  Let me share with you a few vignettes of my own that I recently created after storing Easter decor away.


Here is my mantle.  I recently painted my stone fireplace (link here) white and painted the wood mantle black.  I am so happy that I made this decision as I love how it turned out.  I have created a little vignette on my mantle hoping to express my style of a modern boho feeling casual and fun.  For the shelf mantle, I have a simple rule of 3’s.  Three items all in varying height and size.  I love my artwork from, I feel that it is the weird and unique I was looking for.  I have a special wooden box up top acting as a shelf for two small glass vases with twigs and flowers.  This mantle is less cluttered because I wanted a clean feel.  You can always stagger on from here in other small groups of items spaced appropriately, which I have done before.  I just like having my focal point to be my rule of ‘3’.  On my stone hearth, I have placed two pillows to give a warm comfortable feel.  I also like the texture the pillows bring to this space.  I have another wooden box (I have a thing for wooden boxes) next to the pillows.  I placed a fun flea market purchase on top of the box.  It is a polished piece of rock from a special place dear to me, in a color that works in my palette.   On the opposite side of the hearth, I have placed my snake plant in a natural woven basket alongside a few candles in black and cream. I have draped a black shoulder throw (from my closet, I told you to look there) over the mantle to help deflect some negative space in the stone surface of the fireplace.  This is a unique look and a bold statement that brings a tremendous amount of texture. If you will notice all my items are in a color palette of a natural tan, black and white.  That is why this works so well.  They all share the same tone which brings harmony and balance.  All the while expressing my style.

Here are a few corners of my living room.  The first picture is a corner styled with function in mind.  It is the shoe drop off in my household.  It is right around the corner from my front door and a total drop off spot.  My kids and their friends immediately head here to sit and take their shoes off.  So placing a bench next to a catch-all basket works well for us.  To style it I placed a soft comfy blanket as extra cushion for your tush, using a back pillow for more support.  To tell a story of this space, I placed my beloved and well-used rainboots next to the bench opposite side my flea market wicker purse draped over the arm.  The idea is to hopefully influence my guests to get comfortable and leave their belongings at the door.  Again here my color palette is natural tan, white and black, with a few fun bright pops of color from my daughter’s art project. The second picture shows my reading nook.  My favorite blue retro reading chair with my vintage light fixture behind it to allow for proper reading light.  The window right next to the best seat in the house is a plus!  A side table with a few knick knacks in the natural tones and textures compliments the colors used throughout the room.  The blue tone in my son’s school art project really pops the blue color of my chair.  For a feeling of comfortable and fun.

So what are you waiting for, pour your favorite beverage, get your jam on and start playing/styling.  Remember not to take it too serious, just have fun.  Try out a bunch of looks, stand back and see how it feels, if it feels good then you nailed it!


Happy Styling!




DIY Table Square

I know what you are thinking…. what is a table square?  Well, it is as it sounds, not a table runner but a table square.  I put this one together today in no time flat and LOVE it.  I am digging that it isn’t your typical runner and the best thing is it is one of a kind.  I will list all the steps to complete this project so that you can refresh your table with this unique piece as well.

What you will need:

  1. 1-yard fabric
  2. twine or jute rope
  3. thread/needle or sewing machine
  4. not a seamstress, no problem just grab some fabric glue


  • First, you will need to pin off the fabric to form a large pillowcase shape.  Essentially this is just like making that pillowcase back in home economics if you can still remember that.  Flipped inside out, folded and pinned together on the edges, sew or glue your hems together.  Sew/glue all around the rectangle shape leaving just a small opening so that you may flip the right side up when finished.  You will then sew/glue the small opening together using the hidden hem stitch method.
  • Next up the tassels.  Take your twine rope and wrap around your four fingers about 20-25 times. Cut a small piece of twine to tie around the top of your four-fingered wrapped twine. Wrapping the piece around 5-10 times then tie off.  Trim off excess ends.  Next cut the bottom of the four-fingered wrapped twine and trim ends.  Now you have a tassel.
  • The last step is to tie your tassels on the corners of your table square.  You will need four tassels in all.  Simply stitch the tassels on any way you see fit, I am not enough of a seamstress to know how to correctly stitch these on.  I just used my thread and needle and made a few passes in and out to attach the tassels.


I think this will be so cute as a simple table square, but better yet I think it will be so cute placed under appetizer spread.  Just gives it that styled touch that we all crave.  That extra step above for your cheese boards.

This project was so simple and quick, give it a try and share your table squares.  This was a minimalist one you can totally jazz them up more and I want to see your creativity!!


Happy DIY Sunday!




DIY Wooden Bead Garland

Ok, so I am crushing hard on the latest home accessory.  The wooden bead garland is a must!  So organic and simple yet eye-catching and looks great wherever it “plops” down.  I love this one used by Emily Henderson.  The different shapes of this particular garland are very playful and casual on this patio oasis.  In preparing my own patio oasis I decided I needed this hot accessory.  The best part is I can DIY this and I dig a fun and easy project.

Items needed:

  1. Jute string
  2. Wooden beads (any variety you choose)
  3. Siccors
  4. Tassels (can be made as well)



  1. Start by taping the end of your jute string so that it doesn’t fray when you string your beads.
  2. Start stringing your beads in any pattern and/or shape of your desire.
  3. String as many beads as you would like until the garland is your preferred length.
  4. Leaving a little length on each end of the garland (about 2″) trim your string from the spool.
  5. Next, your possibilities are endless. You can either tie off each end with a knot, leaving it as is.  Or you can tie on tassels to each end or even just to one end.  I will choose to tie on two tassels, one on each end. You can also thread little charms or tags to each end with secure knots as well.
  6. Since I am choosing to do tassels I will explain how to make them.  You can also purchase premade tassels just about anywhere that sells craft supplies.  To make the tassel, wrap the jute around your hand until you reach your desired thickness (about 15-20 times).  Cut the end of the jute and carefully slip it off your hand.  Make sure both end pieces are hanging down from the top of your bundle.  Then take another piece of jute and wrap it around the top of your tassel (about 1/4″ from the top) to create a neck. Wrap as thick as you’d like it then tie it off and cut the ends.  Cut the loop on the opposite end of the tassel and trim the ends.
  7. Now all that’s left is to tie on the tassel with the excess string on the ends of the garland.  Trim excess off the ends.


There you have it, in no time at all a one of a kind home accessory that will be a show-stopper!  I can’t wait to get started on mine and I have a feeling I’ll be making more than one.  Share your DIY home accessories with me to inspire more authentic creativity.

Happy DIY Wednesday!



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