Shower Eye Candy

I have been doing some “intense” research on some current shower trends (hard work I know) and have come up with inspiration for my master bath reno project.  I am currently in the process of planning out my ideal master bath.  I have found some beautiful looks that I would love to share with you and hopefully, you can help me decide by commenting below if you like or dislike these trends.  Again being in the planning process of this master bath I am keeping an open mind and would love to hear your thoughts and comments on any shower trends that have caught your fancy.  Here are the ones that caught my eye and why:

Loving the play on pattern and texture with this bathroom. The tile floor matching the shower shelf backdrop and the blue horizontal stripe pairing nicely in the same tonal color.  Love the idea of some plants in the shower….you will never forget to water!



Digging the wood buddies here. The stool, ceiling and vanity shelf complement the black and white tones of this minimalist bathroom.
The seamless flow in this shower/bath.


This is truly an amazing way to shower. You would feel right outdoors in this shower. Bathed in daylight!