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Today I want to share with you all some style advice that I live by.  This advice is so grounding and inspirational that its pretty much my daily mantra when styling and designing homes.  It can encourage you to design a space that is purely you and for your functional needs.  So lets breakdown some amazing thoughts and opinions that may help you with your next design adventure.

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Make a true expression of yourself.  Keep it natural and “lived-in”, orderly chaos as I like to call it.  Designing a space in your home that is functional for what you need it to be functional for.  If you need a dining room that serves as a den or library, then design around that idea.  Placing bookshelves along the walls that surround your dining table with a possible arm/reading chair paired with a good lamp in the corner, now you have designed a space that works for you.  A space with orderly chaos meaning that everything has a purpose and serves a function, everything put away in its place to allow you a multifunctional room.  Reminding yourself this: Design Success is being confident in your choices.  When you feel confident that you have designed a room that works for you and style around that, you have successfully designed that said room.

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Let it go.  No, we are not singing the hit from the film Frozen, (this song will forever be burned into my memory) however, it is important to know that your home will never “be done”.  In a true sense, it never has to be.  Style evolves and so will your home in due time.  When we can enjoy the process and view it as an ongoing project, great things can happen.  If you can remember anything from this post remember this:  Your home isn’t about the items, it is more about the space you designed to share with your loved ones.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, just perfect for you.


A few painting tricks: Well now that we are done giving some “preachy” yet calming and inspirational advice, let’s move on to a few tips that may be useful for you when you are designing a space.  Like I have mentioned a few times (like in the title of this post, etc.) these are truly some top-notch solutions that will work you through some tough designs woes.  First off, let me point out the painted window trim in the above pictures.  This is a great trick that allows you to negate the need for window treatments.  The pictures show stunning windows that are so remarkable on their own, you wouldn’t dream of putting up any window treatments.  If you did… the whole look of the room would change and you would have a very different room altogether. In fact, I believe this is the way to go when designing a very open and airy space.  A minimal space.

Ceilings with character:  Whether it’s rustic beams or treating a ceiling for a subtle surprise that feels comfortable,  this technique can have a huge design impact.  You can paint ceilings a different color than your walls or even with a pattern that all packs a punch.  For an illumination effect, try painting ceilings with a high gloss which can improve lighting in rooms that don’t have any natural light.

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Complimentary colors: or opposing forces can give your home a sense of push and pull.  Making sure the value (also known as vividness or brightness) is similar.  Doing so can really pull together a cohesive style.  Simply remember color theory and pick three or so complementary colors, then start to design and pull your room together piece by piece and step by step.  Look at the example above, red and green are complementary to each other (being careful to not cross the Christmas threshold).  The red and green colors used in this bedroom are of the same value.  Then mixing in different shades of green, like the patterned wallpaper, and different shades of red like the pink throw placed on the bed.  Those tones are more subdued in value.  Perfectly balanced.

Color Palette Pal: is exactly what it means a pal, a buddy, a pair.  Having pieces throughout the room that speak to each other and help the eye move through the space is a good rule of thumb.  A pal can be items throughout the room in the same hue but can vary in value.  An example would be the pink fury pillow placed on the bed, who is pals with the pink fringed lampshade.  The green quilt is pals with the green pillows, green wall and even the greenery of the plant beside the nightstand.

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Patterns: can and should be used.  Just remember that you want to use different patterns throughout the room keeping in the same tones as your color palette.  Also be sure to use different scales of patterns, using some large and small.  Pictured above is the perfect example of using patterns in the same color scheme and differentiating scales.  The color scheme is all within a black, white/cream and gray combo.  The rug displays the largest pattern of all trailing off to the smallest pattern on the pillow placed on the cream sofa.  Both of these said patterns are very similar in shape just different in size and scale.  The blue velvet sofa has some very playful patterns on the pillows staying within the black, white and gray combo.  Then mixing in some solid colors to balance everything out, such as the sofas, and few solid pillows. P.s. notice the color buddies? The blue sofa is pals with the light blue lamp?

Well, there you have it.  My go-to advice with some tips that are tried and true!  Design doesn’t haven’t to be difficult, it can be a very fun, exhilarating, and enjoyable process if you follow a few of these steps.  Most of all remember that you are designing for you and what you want the room to be and feel like for you.  I hope this information can help and as always please reach out with any questions or remarks.

I hope everyone has a great day today!  Make it amazing!!







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