Let’s Party Back to School Style

My sweet kiddos (including puppy dog) and hubby the morning school started…all smiles. My son can never look at the camera, I am doing good to get 2 out of 3 smiling with eyes on the camera.

Hooray!!  I made it through summer and I am still alive (how alive is debatable).  My kids started school yesterday and I believe they were excited to go!!  Sure there were first day jitters and worries of who will be in my class but as a whole, I believe they were pumped for the new school year.  I would like to take all the credit for that… haha, maybe not all the credit but some credit is due.  Why is this you ask?  Well, I believe it is because I have an awesome party every year the day before school starts that gets them jazzed and excited for the school year to begin.  It is something we all look forward to, just a little something to take care of the nervous nellies.  It also sets the mood for the beginning of the year entering the new grade with optimism and enthusiasm.  Having the day before school starts party helps them to set up for a great first day (and honestly first morning as there are no tears or complaints).  To sum it all up it makes the first-day run smooth as they are prepped and ready thanks to my party!!  Let me share with you the rundown of my party so that you can start a new tradition by throwing your own day before school starts party.  You will find this simple act will help your kids prepare themselves for their first day.

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First off I ask each kid what they would like for dinner.  This is special because they pick anything I can cook for their “last meal” of summer.  They never really get this choice so it is fun and special for them to choose.  Yes, this means I may be making three different meals but I feel that for one day out of the year I can make that happen (but only one day).

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I also plan a fun and school-related dessert.  This year we had homemade apple pie with vanilla ice cream.  Another fun and easier option would be sliced apples with warm caramel.  So many sweet tooth options!!

We play some fun “school themed” games to get us in the mood.  I found these amazing ideas on Pinterest (where else?).  All of the games work pretty well for all three of my kid’s age range (4-9) except for the word search.  My older two really like the word search (it is more challenging) so I just have to help my little play by showing her what to circle and she follows along feeling as though she were a big kid.  Everything else they can all play together keeping in school theme and loving every minute.  I usually buy a big bag of skittles to use as bingo markers and prizes for winning but the real reason I use skittles is because of this game…


This is probably my favorite game to play.  I love to relate the questions in round one to those of summer past.  In round two I like to relate the questions to more of what they hope for and/or fear for in the new school year.  This allows for closure of summer and an open conversation of what lies ahead in the new school year.  We are able to talk through everything as a family while eating yummy skittles which if I am being honest helps in any situation.  You can really use this idea to create any questions or riddles to your desire or your kid’s needs.  This game is truly amazing as I learned some things about my daughter I never really knew before and not sure if she would have shared if it weren’t for the delicious skittles to provoke her.


Well, there you have it, my simple day before school starts party.  Super simple (maybe not super simple as I made three dinners) and fun way to get your kids on board with the new school year ahead.  Can you share any ideas that you and your family use to prepare your sweet kiddos for school?  If so let me know as I am always looking for new ways to switch up our party a bit.

Have a Terrific Tuesday everyone.



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