Total Tree-house Thursday

Hey hey!! Happy Thursday everyone!!  I just wanted to share with you how fun our rooftop tree-house turned out.  We have had so much fun playing in our tree sanctuary that we don’t ever want to leave.  It was about 100 degrees this week in Boise and we didn’t even notice because of the amazing shade and breeze our tree provides.  Now, I can’t take credit for the build-out of the structure… that award goes to my husband but the layout and design are all my doing (with amazing ideas from my kids).  First off, let me just say how helpful this treehouse has been for us staying off-screens this summer!  It has been fun watching the kids playing card/board games or coloring in the treehouse because this is way cooler than doing it on the patio or indoors.  Sometimes they will even eat and FINISH their dinner on the rooftop. Honestly, I am starting to think this rooftop treehouse is magical.   Placing a snack corner loaded with healthy snacks is a must, along with a few activities and my kids will disappear for hours.  Sometimes I forget I even have kids (ok not really).  Bottom line is while this treehouse endeavor has been a big undertaking for my husband physically as well as a hit to our wallets, I couldn’t be happier with the decision to go forward with this project.  Best of all this project isn’t even finished, and when the last screw is screwed it might just be the most epic treehouse ever created.  I will walk you through our rooftop treehouse including a fun gadget pully system totally created on the whim by my amazing husband, who can think out of the box and work with nothing to make everything.  When we have toured the rooftop I will explain as best I can what the plans are for the first floor to be completed late fall or early spring (depending on the hubs work schedule).  Shall we get started…

Here are my munchkins having fun coloring and playing, it was so hot this day but we never even noticed due to the shade and breeze created by being up in the tree!!

The snack corner was a huge hit!!  My kids are always asking for a snack, (seriously they ask for snacks every 10 minutes, is this normal?) when I offer up veggies or fruit they reluctantly accept.  But I am telling you guys this treehouse is magic because when they are up there they will eat whatever I put in the bowl without one complaint.  I placed an outdoor-friendly teak bowl on a metal side table that can endure the outdoor elements.  It was as easy as that to create and works like a charm.  I also want to point out the black and white flags strung on black yarn that my kids and I made together.  We cut triangles out of fabric, the best part is they are all mismatched in shape and layout, (that’s what you get with kids but that is the vibe I wanted) then we used a hole punch to punch holes into the fabric to string our black yarn through.  Next, we hung our flags along the banister of our rooftop treehouse.  It was a great way to use up some scrap fabric and bring in a little style to our space.

I also wanted to point out the black and white color scheme I chose for this rooftop space.  I went with black and white as this is a gender-neutral color scheme (I also happen to have so many black and white items on hand to use, if you can’t tell, black and white is my jam).  So keeping in theme this rug that is roughly a 3×5 was perfect for this space.  The rug has a rubber backing that allows it to stay put, which is important for a rooftop space.  Now this rug wasn’t made for outdoor use, however, it is made from a synthetic polyester that will wick away moisture.  The rug also spends all day shaded so shouldn’t fade at a rapid rate.  I will one day replace this rug with an outdoor rug, but for now, this rug works as I had it on hand, used from our entryway, where it took a beating.  Winters and springs are wet here in the northwest and the rug spent many days underneath wet snow/rain boots and held up superbly.  This table I found at a thrift store last year for only $8, I didn’t know why I needed it but I thought for $8 I just did.  I hoarded it for a while and this summer I found the perfect use for it.  Again, with the amount of cover and shade provided by the tree as well as the finish on this table, it works well for this space until the weather changes.  In the winter season, I usually store patio furniture and outdoor objects in our garage to preserve the life of said object, most things on the rooftop will be stored alongside my patio furniture.

Now for the highlight of this treehouse… the pulley system created from a training wheel and paint can lids.  Seriously, I don’t know how my husband can come up with these ideas but when he does they blow me away.

With the actual wheel part of the training wheel used as the turning cylinder, and two paint can lids (screwed together and secured to the training wheel arm) used on each side of the wheel to guide and keep the rope in place, we placed a durable rope looped around the wheel twice.  Screwing and bolting the arm of the training wheel to the banister secures this pulley system.  Tieing the other end of the rope to a bucket with a handle, making sure the bucket is somewhat strong enough to pull up all sorts of random objects.  The kids love to pull things up using this pulley system and it is honestly the best part of this treehouse.  They put anything and everything in the bucket to be pulled up, sometimes not even needing to but finding a reason to use it is the best part of the day.

This is my daughter pulling up some cool beverages for the day.  Look at that smile, it says it all!!

So not only did my husband create the pulley and build the structure, he also built this cute bench.  It is the perfect size for the little’s and is really quite ergonomically comfy!!  It was mostly built out of 2×4’s and love, really what else do you need??  I made a bench pad for added comfort, using foam from the craft store as well as outdoor fabric in black canvas.  Tip: if you head to your local craft store now you will find most outdoor fabrics up to 60% off!!  The lumbar pillow, however, is not made out of outdoor fabric and will come indoors as soon as the weather shifts.  I just thought the bench needed a little touch of style and this pillow matched the colors splendidly!!

Just to give you some perspective as to how high our rooftop is and what it is like to be “in the trees” I added this photo.  When you are on the rooftop you really do feel like you are sitting up in the trees (how perfect since we live in the city of trees).  Now the kicker here is, there is an awesome platform from the rooftop to then climb up into the tree further if desired.  As a mother, it terrifies me but as a kid at heart, I am dying to try it.  The tree is perfect for climbing as it has strong limbs that are perfectly spaced.   It was always just so hard to get to the limbs as they were so far up from the ground before the treehouse was built.  Now with the perfect step stool a.k.a. the rooftop treehouse it is totally achievable.  Fingers crossed we don’t become a regular at the local urgent care.

Now let’s talk about finishing this project.  I will describe my vision for the first floor and as always I welcome any feedback or opinions.  So for the first floor, I am thinking we will finish off at least three walls leaving one open so to speak.  By open, I mean possibly using a lattice wall or something similar so that the first floor can “breathe”.  Having built-in treehouse structures before, by finishing all four walls, I have come to learn that by doing so its basically a sauna in the summer months!  By leaving the west-facing wall open, using a lattice wall on the first floor, which will allow airflow, results in the structure not baking in the sun.  With the sun setting in the west and our two-story house being on the west side of the structure, our house provides shade to the “open” wall. Hence the reason of the lattice wall being on the west side, if I flipped the lattice wall to the east side it would get full morning sun.  The other three walls will be finished in 2×4’s placed horizontally.  They will be stained the same brown as the rest of the stained brown throughout the structure.  I am thinking the lattice wall will either be painted white like the banisters or possibly black, I haven’t fully decided yet.  Now the front of the first floor, the north wall, will be enclosed with horizontal 2×4’s.  Once enclosed, I would like to create a circular door that will be a rotating swing open door, cutting out from the finished wall.  I also would like to create a circular window alongside the circular door that will rotate swing open as well.  When the door and window are closed they are flush with the remaining north wall.  I want to paint the circular door and window white to match the banisters up top balancing the wood tones with the white tones.  From there, creating a small porch deck extending from the north-facing wall by about 3-4 feet, enough room to place planted pots and small Adirondack chairs ( my husband will also build these, tutorial on this when we get there).  Inside the first floor, I want the east wall to house bunk beds, obviously on the miniature side, not expecting the kids to actually sleep out there, just to imagine and play.  I would also like to create a counter of sorts with cupboards underneath for storage, this would have to be placed on the west wall, as this would be the only wall left with enough space.  So the lattice wall will actually be only half-open lattice and half counter/cupboard.  Hard to envision, but I promise I do see this and when it all comes together I promise you it will be amazing!!  Can’t wait to show you!!

Happy Thursday everyone….hope it is a terrific day!








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