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photo cred: Studio McGee

What can you do with one gallon of paint that will totally change a room…baseboards!!!  That’s right baseboards, take a look at the picture above, and think how it would look if the baseboards were all white and flowed seamlessly with the walls.  It definitely wouldn’t look bad or would be wrong, but look at how it transforms the room to just add a splash of color to the trim and baseboards.  It is a trend we are seeing a lot of right now and I couldn’t be happier about it.  The amount of time and paint you have to put into this project is extremely minimal yet so impactful.  Now I am totally a white wall kinda gal but painting the baseboards with or without the trim and crown molding is a great way to add color and interest to a room of white walls.  Maybe that is why we are seeing so much of this right now….most of us all love a white wall but may be ready to have some fun with color.  Not to mention the fresh coat of paint to your baseboards, trim and molding will really freshen up the parts of your home that tend to take a beating.  I promise you all, with this simple project, you will feel in awe of what you created in no time at all.  So get ready for your next weekend update (ok that’s an SNL skit but you get the idea).

Now in my opinion (so take it for what it’s worth), this is the way to paint your baseboards unless you have a maid on duty 24/7.  A shade of white or beige hues with grey to green undertones is the best hue possible for your baseboards assuming you have a light-colored wall, (if you have darker walls try a trim in the same hue of your wall but slightly lighter or darker than your wall).  Why is this you ask?  Well, the first reason is that I predict the colors of 2020 will be more earth tones than anything, we will be seeing a lot of natural colors in warm beiges to caramel.  So to keep with the trends I recommend a natural hue like the ones pictured above.  The second reason is to cut down on the sight of dust and dirt.  A white baseboard, trim and molding can appear dirty with minimal dust and dirt.  A darker baseboard will also appear dirty sooner than later with dust and if you have an animal in the house, (it will be dirty as soon as you finish dusting).  So for a minimal chore and dusting effort (who has the time), this is why I recommend a lighter off white hue.  The third and final reason for a lighter baseboard hue would be for the longevity of this trend.  Who wants to paint baseboards every year when new trends sprout?? Not I!  Painting a lighter hue will ensure that you can easily decorate around this design.  Remember the 90’s when everyone had a red wall that shouted at you?  I do (my parent’s dining room is a ragging red), and those red walls are really hard to bring into the next decade of trends.  The lighter hue can go with almost any decor of your choosing.  Win-Win with fewer chores on the to-do list as well as taking your space into the next trend seamlessly.

Now if you are feeling bold and sassy with a tendency to try every trend, try this one for sure!!  Painting trim, baseboards, and molding as well as doors a darker hue is definitely eye-catching and soooo on-trend right now.  I love this look but personally can’t bring myself to commit to these darker colors for a long period of time.  I also don’t want to dust them on the regular, as we have animals that shed at my abode.  Like I said if you have a maid on call and a desire to really pop a room then this style is for you.  We are seeing a lot of black hues as well as some darker blue to grey hues.  In the first picture above you can see the trim and doors as well as the crown molding painted grey with blue undertones, this looks phenomenal with the light flooring and walls.  In the third picture above you can see the black trim, baseboards, and doors painted black and paired with darker flooring which is still very striking.  So the take away is this, the look can really go with just about anyone’s current taste.  It is just a way to mix it up, update a room with a whole new look, and do so with a low budget.

If you happen to update your room with this paint trick please share as I always love a good before and after.  With this before and after however, it is amazing how different the room can look with such a simple paint trick.

Have an amazing Tuesday everyone!!


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