Colors to watch for in 2020

Photo cred: PPG Paints

In light of my last post on color, let’s keep the ball rolling.  Let’s talk about some of the colors that will be trending in 2020.  While a few major paint lines have released their 2020 color palettes and named their top pick for color of the year, some (Pantone) have yet to tell us their top pick.  If you like to be ahead of the game to see what will be trending next year, there a few ways to predict what color story 2020 has in store for us.  First, let’s start off by what we do know for certain.  In my last post “Did You Know  Color is a Mood?” we talked about colors telling a story or having a “mood” so to speak.  Looking at what is going on around the world as a whole and summing up its story can really lend us a headstart on any fashion and design trend.  What we are seeing now are very chaotic times, busy times, people in general feeling overwhelmed and wanting to minimize and simplify as much of their lives as possible.  For example, we are seeing many trends in design with furniture pieces being multifunctional.  Making the piece of furniture a simple, functional and useable piece.  Take the picture below of the chair with the built-in table.  It has more than one function allowing you to sit and relax while having a place to set your book or beverage all in one.  No need for a separate chair and table.  SIMPLE. EASY. FUNCTIONAL.

Photo cred: UNIQFIND

So being in that mindset of simplifying your life, think what else and how else that can be achieved through color.  To simplify your life and calm the chaos you would start to think of calming factors.  Such as colors that can calm or ground a person.  That being said those are the colors we will be seeing a lot of this next year, 2020.  Earth tones can definitely ground a person, helping them feel more connected to the outside world and nature.  Bringing those elements inside their living spaces can really clear the clutter and keep you connected to the earth quite literally.  Behr paints is very much in this mindset which was obvious when they released their 2020 color story palette last June. There are three themed “stories”—Worldhood, Restore, and Atmospheric— that each contains five colors, all of which were inspired “from the desire to engage with the world around us and restore balance in our everyday lives,” according to a press release.  We are really seeing some earth tones in this Worldhood story:

Keeping with earth tones and mixing in some calming hues is something trending for 2020.  With so much noise out in the world (especially politically) we as a society are needing calm in our homes more than ever. This color story for 2020 is labeled Restore.  Restore has a calming color mix meant to motivate balance. Blues and greens make up the natural-feeling theme that ties back to the outdoors, “creating a soothing sanctuary” that is ideal for the environments that need them.


Moving onto Behrs third color story Atmospheric: a color combination that complements both modern and traditional environments through subtle pastels and neutrals. This results in a “dynamic yet deliberate color story appeal.”  Behr is really creating the color stories for every walk of life bringing focus to health and wellness.  I am 100% sold if this means color bringing balance and a healthy wellness into our lives!!


PPG Paints has announced their color pick for 2020 and I am loving this jewel-tone Chinese Porcelain.  This shade of blue can instill calmness as well as reduce anxiety and encourage sleep.  HELLO, Chinese Porcelain… I was sold at jewel-tone!!

One last thing I wanted to share with you; my design tip: getting the best of both worlds.  Designing with some top trending colors creating a complementary color palette, that has all the calm earth tones you can ask for!  Remember from my last post on the recap of color theory, complementary colors are those that are opposite of each other on the color wheel.  Well, lucky for us blue is opposite orange, therefore creating an eye-catching design.

Photo cred: PPG Paints

Using the color Chines Porcelain for you calming accent wall right next to your calm space in the room.  Turning to an accent piece or accent wall (in this loft pictured above) using the colors from Behr color story Worldhood; Rumba Orange.  Then speckling in some earth tones of Creamy Mushroom and Painters White from Behr, finding these colors in textiles such as some linens, curtains, and throws, all being very complimentary of each other.   Creating the perfect on-trend color palette, I for one am excited to see what more paint brands have in store for us in 2020.  Already such a great way to start a new decade with eye-pleasing colors.

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