Boho Door Decor

So the 4th of July is over and the dog days of summer are at our heels.  The next biggest holiday to look forward too is possibly Halloween or the cooler temperatures of fall (that’s a holiday right?!).  I struggle this time of year, not just with heat exhaustion, but with how and what to decorate my porch with.  My porch is always centered around the next holiday or season, but with nothing on the horizon and my patriotic decor down for the summer…what to do next??  And then it hit me…why not try a boho theme that I have been seeing everywhere.  Black and white paired with a natural fiber, such as wicker, is totally my jam.  Everything I have on my porch is my favorite scheme including my DOG!  I swear when we picked him up as a pup, I never thought “he is the one, he matches my house decor…haha!!  Seriously though I love black and white and I love my dog, win-win!  Another fun fact about my porch is that everything is either homemade, recycled and/or reused/refurbished.  Check out my post on my wicker chair redo here.  Today however I am here to talk about my boho “wreath”.  Although “wreath” doesn’t sound quite right for this door decor piece, I can’t seem to find the right words to describe it.  What do you think we should call this?  Weaving?  Just not sure, anyhow, check out my quick, fun and believe it or not stress relieving DIY craft I created in about an hour.  The perfect summer porch retreat in the heat of the summer color palette awaits you.  So get ready to create yours if you too have thought about what to do with your porch in these last few months of summer.

Items needed:

  • A stick from the outdoors, thick enough to wrap the string around without snapping.  Long enough for your desired width.
  • Spools of string in your color palette of choice.  I used one whole spool of cream, however, I used more cream in my “wreath”.  If you decide to use more of one color, you may need to buy multiples of that color. If you decided you want longer strings than the length pictured above you may also need to buy multiple spools of the same color.
  • Scissors

First off establish a length to your own liking.  Remember you will be doubling the strings over when you tie a knot around the stick so don’t forget to take this into account when determining your length (look at the black strings above to see how long my strings actually are when folded in half).  I bundled about six strings together and when doubled over it turns to twelve strings which is a good size for a small knot.  If you want a bigger knot simply cut more strings to then double over.

Next, take your doubled over strings and loop around your stick pulling your ends through the loop formed by initially doubling your strings over, just like the picture above.

Here is what it should look like after a few knots.  There are many different knots you can make, or you can weave the strings as well, but for this tutorial, we are keeping it simple. To give you an idea, I chose to have a pattern of twelve cream knots followed by four black knots, three cream knots, four black knots, and twelve cream knots.  Depending on how wild you want to get with your colors and patterns, the options are endless.

Now for a few finishing touches.  I added a few braided pieces incorporating black and cream together to transition the colors more seamlessly.  I also added a few wooden beads strung on the black string for extra texture and dimension.  My wooden strung beads were an afterthought but I am so glad I added them as I think they really complete the look, don’t you?  I had some wooden beads on hand but anywhere you can purchase craft goodies you will find wooden beads easily.

There you have it, and if I do say so myself I just love it!  The “wreath” really “made” the porch look and feel like the vibe I was going for.  I love when I have a successful DIY’s, they totally make my day.  All the while I am going to enjoy this “wreath” more because I made it!  On a side note, my gardenia tree isn’t happy right now so I am trying to nurse him back to health.  If you have any suggestions on this I would gladly take them as this is a very moody tree!

Just a few environmentally friendly tips on how to keep this DIY a green DIY.  First off I found a stick in my backyard, don’t have one in your yard, check your local park (my dog is always bringing sticks home from the park).  Avoid using a plastic rod if possible.  The same thing with the wood beads, try finding them in a natural fiber (like wood) instead of plastic.  Last but not least, use a natural string like a cotton twine.  I found mine on Amazon but I don’t think you would have a hard time finding them at your local craft store as well.

Well, what are you waiting for… go and get that boho “wreath” on your door, just in time for the dog days of summer.

Happy stick weaving!




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