Home Improvements Made with Love

Photo cred: elledecoration.co.uk

Do you flip through Pinterest and Instagram or maybe even just design mags and think…wow how do they do this?   First of all, these pictures have been styled, shot and filtered to boot, so of course, they are going to look gorg!  In all honesty, if I cleaned, organized and styled my home for a shoot I am sure it would look halfway decent and I might even be impressed how well it looks through the lens.  But this is real life and I don’t have time to have my home in perfect camera shoot condition.   Not only do I not have time for a perfect home, but I also don’t have the budget to accomplish what they can with their deep pocketbooks, (nor do I really want them as this would mean I would have the capability to just throw away and create waste for whatever my current mood and style preference is).  If I had a deep wallet I would be vacationing more often and my children’s college savings would be in prime savings status.  So back to real life…I love these pictures and would love to recreate them in my home but without the price tag.  Is this even possible?  Yes, totally, with a little creative juice and will power there is always a way!  Let me share with you a few home improvements made with love that you can make with sustainable in mind.  Best of all when you make something yourself you love and care for it that much more. So put on your comfy pants (I always enjoy anything more with comfy pants) and let me share a few ideas with you to help you get started.  Let’s get creative…

Photo cred: apartmenttherapy.com

First off we have the painted headboard.  Don’t have a headboard, no problem!!  Just paint one.  Grab your paint, brush and some painters tape and get creative with your design.  The two pictures above are both painted headboards, whether you fancy a circular or rectangular shape, they both can be done in a day and have a huge impact!  The best part is, paint can easily be changed or fixed (an eco-friendly paint like limewash paint would be a great sustainable solution).  The only thing you are wasting is the initial cost of the paint and time, if and when you choose to change it.

photo cred: smartfurniture.com

No baseboards, again don’t fret a little paint can go a long way!  This picture has a painted wall about a quarter of the way up from the floors, to mimic baseboards.  You could always paint less of a margin or stay at a quarter for more of a statement.  Either way you are giving an illusion of a baseboard and the best part is it won’t cost an arm and a leg to have a baseboard with height.  This picture shows a paint with a suede-like texture which is what a limewash paint can do.  My favorite thing about a limewash paint is how eco-friendly, solvent-free and hypoallergenic it is.  Another bonus, it’s naturally bacteria resistant.  The cons of this paint are the limited color palette, mottled appearance hard to control and not to everyone’s liking.  It also may be hard to clean so use it in a less high traffic area.  But I am telling you the texture in the paint adds depth that is beyond amazing so definitely worth a look.

photo cred: cottonandchaos.com

Paint your ceiling a different color other than white.  You may even want to get bold and tape off a design (depending on, if your arms are up to a bit of a workout).

photo cred: domino.com

A simple floating shelf display like the one above is definitely jaw-dropping.  What makes it eye-popping is the ombre paint of the background space and shelves in unison.  Again grabbing your paint, brush and painters tape, along with some knowledge on hanging floating shelves (pre-cut wood pieces available at your local hardware store or better yet craigslist/facebook if you’re lucky).

photo cred: designindulgences.com

One last simple paint fix, painting the inside of your front door.  As seen in this photo, you can get a little weird with it (which I love) by taping off a design or simply just painting the interior side anything other than white, can have a huge impact.

photo cred: kitchendecornews.info

Drab shower floor?  Don’t rip out the entire shower if it is functional.  Simply refurbish the floor of your shower with a lovely wood pallet.  Using sustainable wood such as bamboo, so stunning and modern.  Best part bamboo can stand up to water quite well.  The small gaps in between the wood panels allow for drainage so no plumbing knowledge required.

photo cred: cottonandchaos.com

Not a fan of the hardware in your bathroom, but it is fully functional.  Simply remove the faucet knobs and spray paint them a color of our choosing.  I used Rustoleum metallic spray paint in black.

photo cred: The House that Lars Built

I found this idea that I must try.  I have seen so many amazing light fixtures made from wood beads.  Why not try a little DIY… one that I can design and call my own.  LOVE!!  For the tutorial click here.

Last but certainly not least, a DIY pouf for your inside and outside spaces.  Check out Rachel from A Beautiful Mess for this soft plush indoor pouf that your furry family is sure to take over.  Need some inspiration for your outdoor space, maybe a table, chair or pouf, check out lifestylespace.com.


Hopefully, this gets the ticker going and you have some great ideas brewing.  If you have any sustainable, refurbishing ideas to improve your home please share in the comments below.


Happy creating and happy living!!



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