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I have such a fascination with coasters lately.  With the summer in full swing and everyone wanting to quench their thirst in the summer heat, cool beverages are a must! What comes along with those tall, cool glasses of liquid, sweating!  Now, this isn’t the bad kind of sweating, (although is there really a bad kind, cause if I am sweating…kudos to me for some physical activity!) this is the good kind of sweating proving this glass is full of ice cold sweetness. The simple science behind this = condensation and this can cause a harmful ring on your wood, glass, and metal surfaces.  A simple fix= a drink coaster.  Not only do drink coasters have a very important function but they can also be a styled accessory to your coffee or patio table.  This brings me to my fun DIY coaster.  So get those creative juices flowing and follow along to style some tables of your own (and possibly keep them from condensation rings).  You can also get the kiddos involved in the fun, as this is right up their ally keeping them off the screens!  Your guests will take notice of these fun designs asking “where did you get these”?  Huge WIN in my book!  Let’s get started:

Items needed:

  • Corkboard thick enough to absorb moisture and won’t curl up on edges. I got mine here.
  • Craft paint (2 colors) and paint brushes
  • Geometric template
  • Exacto knife or rotary knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Pen or marker
  • Washi or scotch tape

Start by printing out your template, if a geometric shape isn’t your jam here is a circular one.  Once your template is printed, cut out the shape and trace the shape onto the cork board either with a pen or marker.  Using your cutting board and rotary knife, (make sure your blade is sharp or you won’t have clean cuts) cut into the cork to form your shape. Typically a coaster set comes in a set of six, so that is what I cut out but there are no hard and fast rules here.  If you only need two, cut two, if you need twelve have at it, lucky for you the cork is soft and very easy to cut through, (so you won’t have sore hands afterward).

Now mask off an area that’s equivalent to a third of the hexagon with the tape. Take the tape from the outer points to the inner point. You can measure where the middle is to start with if you’d prefer.  Paint the exposed portion of the cork, you will most likely need two coats for vibrancy.  Let each coat dry before applying the next.  Remove the tape once dry and then mask out another third with some more tape. If you make sure that each color stays on the same side of the shape then the colors will fit together perfectly. You’ll need two coats of paint to fill in this second shape as well.  Once the coaster is completely dry peel off the tape.  Now you have fun conversation pieces while beautifully protecting your surfaces.

These would also be so fun for a homemade hostess gift, or just the right thing to give that friend, who has everything, for her birthday, (that’s what I did and it was a huge hit).  Oh and need some neighbor gifts for that holiday season, these would be great in a Christmas palette with some festive ribbon.  These DIY geometric coasters pack a punch and can be used individually or slotted together to create a patterned trivet for serving. It’s basically the cutest (and easiest) puzzle you’ll ever see!  I am honestly addicted and I can vouch these are so simple and fun!

So what are you waiting for fellow DIY enthusiasts??  Get started and please share your puzzle coasters with me.  I would love to see the color combos you all choose.

Happy creating and happy serving!



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