Not Just a Closet…A Dressing Room

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Hey, hey!  I have been on such a purge and organize kick lately??  Not sure why other than it is instant gratification in feeling productive for me (does that make any sense?).  With the kids home for summer, I feel that I am not getting anything accomplished and feeling like my to-do list is piling up and I am almost never able to cross anything off.  Yesterday I was finally able to get to a task that I have been wanting to tackle for a while now.  Cleaning out my wardrobe!!  I honestly love a good clothes purge, I love how organized everything is and I get the feeling like “I have it all together”.  While I was in my closet purging, I had an idea…my husband always gets nervous when I get “ideas”.  I decided I want to update our Master Closet…wait what?!  That’s right, you heard me, update my master closet that we will now refer to as dressing room.  Sounds so much more glam doesn’t it?  So I set out to find inspiration and I can’t believe what is out there!  A whole world of styled dressing rooms that made me think “what have I been doing all these years”?  How have I never noticed before, how a styled and designed dressing room would be such a fun way to express my own personality and style.  Dare I say…get a little funky and fun with this room?  YES!!  Check out my dressing room inspo below and see if you too would love to create a room that you can call your own entirely, (with my family of five I love a small sliver all to myself)!

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I love this dressing room for the sheer factor that it feeds my O.C.D. disorder.  So organized with the color-coded hanging garments and who can look past this dresser island??  I mean this serves as a place to fold and hang clothes as well as store sweaters and such.  A piece that is clear and allows you to see exactly what you want to pull out.  The chandelier adds so much glam to this room that it truly brings it all together for a stunning room.

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So much style packed into these rooms!  I love how these two rooms show you so much personality that you feel you might even know the person.  The top dressing room shows you how a whole room, most likely in an older home (smaller closets and room in the ‘ol days), was transformed into a dressing room as a whole.  The “actual” closets are doors with glass panes that hold the wardrobe garments in style.  The rest of the room, with its fun purple hued accents that just screams with so much style, is dedicated to accessories and a bench that can function well to help you dress or undress.  The second dressing room is again the same idea with showing a little bit of who you are.  What really makes this room is the vintage piece in the middle, that is home to, perfume, belts, and jewelry.

Let us not forget about the gentlemen’s dressing room.  Rugged style with moody colors really makes these rooms quite manly.  What do you think maybe the new man cave?  There is a style for every personality, whether a tonal dressing room with floor to ceiling and everything in between, a solid color, or a rugged room with deep browns and warm wood accents.  I am digging the black dressing room with the built-in chair and the above ram head the most!

Another fun way to add a kick to your dressing room is to accent the ceiling.  Go crazy with this because honestly, this is the best room to do it in.  Probably one of the smaller rooms in your house can be a quick and fun project to do over a weekend.  Highlight your funky self with this as you want it to scream “you”.   Don’t feel like an arm workout (you know having to paint the ceiling), opt for painting behind your shoe rack and/or sweater rack for a fun accent.

These three modern dressing rooms caught my eye.  Having an island with ample storage for your accessories but also a nice folding station really makes a multifunctional piece.  I am drawn to the clean simple lines in the dressing rooms, feeling minimal and organized.  What more can we want from our dressing rooms?

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So simple and more along the lines of the space and layout that I will be working with.  A simple window nook that would be amazing to apply make-up, as daylight is the best light for that sort of thing.  Very fresh!

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed at all the amazing dressing rooms but don’t have cabinetry or layout let alone an extreme budget for this project, never fear I have you covered.  Better yet Ikea has you covered.  Both of the above pictures were closets created from the Ikea Pax system.

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This one is just for fun really.  I wanted to share this as I have been seeing many rumblings in the design world of the 80’s comeback.  Even in the custom closet world, the ’80s decade is rearing its head.  How tubular is the furniture with all the gold accents, almost screams a little Las Vegas glam.  I can’t tell if I like it or not…how about you?  Definitely different and I always like different.

Well enough of my rant that all started with trying to clean out my wardrobe.  I honestly eat, sleep and breathe design.  Anytime I have a chore that seems awfully daunting (like cleaning out my clothes), I try to turn it into a fun project.  In all truthfulness, I feel this would be a fun weekend project reflecting on who I am when I get to design for myself.  How about you?  Do you feel inspired to remodel your dressing room?

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