A quick quirky gift for your kiddos classmates at year end

Hey there!! Happy Summer which officially starts for us in two days.  That’s right two days and fretting.  Things have been crazy busy around here, and just when you feel you can’t possibly stack one more thing on your plate, your kids ask what they can give their classmates as an end of the year parting gift…WHAT?!  I wanted to panic until I remembered I had some leftover party favors from birthdays past.  I took a few breaths and told myself not to worry, I had this, and then this great idea hit me.  So if you are unprepared with no time, (story of my life) I’ve got your back.  If you have any leftover party favors, take inventory and head over to Pinterest to try and find a fun “saying” to go along with what you have.  What I happened to have on hand were those sticky hand slingshot novelties, so I headed over to Pinterest to find a snazzy jingle and had no luck.  Believe it or not, my husband came up with our saying and it rocked my world!!  If you don’t have a storage closet of past party favors and decor, (a.k.a. junk) and actually came to the table prepared to plan, you can find the party favors on Oriental Trading Company or any party store such as Zurchers for really cheap!  Check out my year-end classmate’s gifts that my kids are so excited to pass out!

With a saying of “High five we survived!  Have a good summer!” printed at home on cardstock paper, I got to work.  We cut them out and hole punched the paper and plastic baggies containing the sticky hands tying them together with some fun twine.  This really took no time at all and was really inexpensive, best of all it was unique!

Pretty good for on the spot, out of time, panicked idea, right?!  Do you have any fun year-end gifts that your kids pass out? I am always looking for new ideas to archive for situations like these so please share!

Here’s to hoping we all survive the summer!



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