Add some color; add some personality

Hey there!  Just wanted to share some tips and inspiration on adding color to your space.  Adding pops of color here and there can really bring some personality to your space that really shows who you are and what your style is.  Whether you just add pops of color or go all out and paint that beautifully moody bedroom the daring shade you have always wanted, color is a trend that will never fade.  I have found some amazing examples to help inspire you to take that jump and add distinctive character that is you.

First, let’s start with pops of color as this is the best way to take it “slow” if you are new to color.  Pops of color is a great way to showcase your personality through a neutral background.  Most of us probably are more comfortable with small pops of color and the best part is you can switch out the color as easy as 1,2,3.  A few throw pillows in a vibrant pink magenta that matches the rug with a few accents can easily be switched to a different color or more subdued color.  No painting walls or buying new furniture, simply store away and bring back out when you feel like more character.

Need some color in your neutral kitchen?  Don’t paint the cupboards or the walls, find a different focal point.  Love this blue island, very unique and fresh.

How about your powder room?  Such an easy space to add some funky fun personality.  Powder rooms are small and work perfectly for daring ideas.  Check out this bold powder room.

Let’s explore this idea a little further.  Let’s add some more color.  Let’s get a little “moody”…

Sally Worts

This room has a tonal dark blue color, that brings a sassy style.  Using accents of warm golden tones really pops against that stylable blue.  This is such a huge trend right now, painting a room in a tonal effect, meaning that the trim, molding, and baseboards are all painted the same color.  This technique is definitely more of a commitment and you have to be ready for the dramatic effect but isn’t it to dye for (no pun intended, haha).

Burnett Bungalow

Love how this masculine color really turned quite romantic and feminine with a few color popping accents.  The dark walls are very complimentary with the natural toned floors and mirror frame, the white furniture ties in nicely with the white baseboards.


I love how this dining room came together.  It looks so glamorous with the dark tones marrying the warm tones of the wood up high and down low.  This is the perfect picture of a very dramatic moody room.  Again there is more of a commitment but such a statement that it may be worth living with for a while.

I hope I have inspired you all to create spaces and homes that showcase your personality through color.  What do you prefer?  Pops of color or the tonal wall to wall color?  I would love to see how you have all come to style with your personality, so please share.

Happy colorful Tuesday!  Hope you all have a great rest of your week!!



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