A little dose of before and after


Hey all!  So I have finally moved onto another bathroom in my house and am so excited to share!  Approaching the one year mark of being here in Boise, in our fixer-upper….I sure hoped to be further along in the actual “fix up” process.  Such is life, and life with three busy kids can be hard to get things done, who knew!  My kid’s bathroom was a rough one!!  If I had to pick a theme for the recent decor I would have to say some sort of Aladdin inspired style.

You can see why I feel I have been transported into the Aladdin movie with this purple color matched with these gold mirrors reflecting Eastern shaped decor.


I couldn’t take it any longer, (I seem to finally crack with so much dislike for the outdated decor, I snap and decide to start a remodel at the worst times), I mustered all my energy and finished a project on my list.  My two younger kiddos wanted a superhero bathroom which kinda made me cringe, but I was able to come up with a happy medium.  Something we all like, all the while not slamming you in the face with a crazy marvel color scheme.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind a little color but feel that we currently already have one room (my son’s) dedicated to marvel decor.  My first desire was to lighten this space up.  It is a bathroom so I wanted it to feel fresh and clean (I appreciate a clean feel in the loo).  From there the design took off and turned out great!  Let me share…


So much brighter!  The perfect kid’s bathroom and let me tell you why.  First off I hung the mirrors a little lower than average as my littles need to be able to see themselves.  Second, I found the best memory foam, feel like your stepping on clouds rugs, for each kiddo to rest their feet on while we brush out tangles and scrub our teeth.  My hope is they will feel so divine standing on these rugs that the rest of our meltdowns just fade away.  That is just wishful thinking I suppose.  Third, this is actually a Superhero bathroom.  Notice my DIY art hung on the wall?  Our friends Capt. America, Spiderman, Falcon, Batgirl, Supergirl, and Black Widow all make an appearance in black and white.  I found all these superhero images on Pinterest under superhero coloring pages.  I printed them at home for free and found some cheap white frames at Micheal’s to hang on the wall.  I made sure to find frames that had mattes so the images looked better and not cheap like a poster in a frame.  So easy and made the kids sooo happy!  I knew I wanted a bright white fresh bathroom, then deciding to use black and white images of superhero’s I kept in color scheme and found black and white accents to finish out the bathroom.  Black mirrors, black rugs, black and white striped rugs with black and white hand towels all tie in together.  My hardware on the vanity and faucets are all a matte black as well.  A white shower curtain makes the room feel more open and airy.  Using a black basket on the counter to corral all the kid’s toiletries keeps everything looking tidy.  We also had a little fun with the above toilet cabinet adding a few action superheroes (and maybe a poop emoji).  I am really stoked at how this turned out and the best part is this was really at no cost.  I painted the room adding new mirrors.  We spray painted the existing faucets and hardware to match the color scheme.  Purchased new rugs, towels and displayed our superheroes in matching frames was all it took.  Hope you like the finished product!


Do you have cost-friendly bathroom remodels to share?  Any compromises on bathrooms where kids request interesting ideas in decor?  Do you need any ideas to remodel, update and refresh your loo?  Upload some before pictures and I would love to help brainstorm inspiration for you!


Have a great Hump Day, Happy Wednesday!


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