8 Creative ways to cover your patio; Which to choose?

credit: El Mueble

Hey there!  So summer is almost in full swing here in Idaho, this last weekend was actually hot.  Which got me to thinking about how we really need a covered patio in our lives.  I have never before been able to choose which patio cover I would like as all my past houses had covered patios that I just worked with.  So this is a fun yet very crucial decision as I want the function of this patio cover to be the first concern with appearance to be a close second.  So I started some research this weekend, feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the inspiration and photos on Pinterest and Instagram, came up with a few different options that could really work in our space.  We are so lucky to live in a day with ideas flowing so freely at our fingertips but honestly, sometimes there is just an overload. Then I have such a hard time making decisions and end up wanting it all.  So I thought I would ask you all what you think?  Which patio cover should I choose?  What will stand the test of time and weather?  What has the best appeal?  Most of all what is the most unique?

First, let me share with you a picture of my current patio.  You can see we really need some cover, but not too much coverage as I would like some sun to peek through.


Here are my options to choose from and why I like them:

credit: Lili In Wonderland

What I love about this modern approach is the reminiscent appeal of an exclusive poolside cabana, this wood slat enclosure provides shade and adds an element of privacy to your patio.  It feels very warm and welcoming, a place you can really pause in.

credit: Brookes and Hill

You can’t think patio cover and not think Pergola.  Pergola’s can stand the test of time as they are a very classic piece to a patio space.  I love how simple they are but how much style they can bring to the table.

The exposed beam design creates a ‘built-in’ look by using building materials and design elements that integrate seamlessly with the rest of the house — no one will ever know it’s an add-on.  This is the ultimate trick for any outdoor living, making it feel as though it is parallel with indoor living.  A positive with more coverage for your patio is using it longer during the year.  Just imagine curling up under a blanket “outside” when the weather cools.

credit: Sanctum Screens

Taking the exposed beams up a notch with this metal screen.  Laser cut metal screens are one of the most creative, not to mention visually interesting, ways you can cover your patio. Not only are the screens themselves beautiful, but they also cast incredible shadows with the changing sunlight.  This would definitely be a high price point which is a negative for me.

credit: El Mueble

This is my favorite!  I love the natural appeal and believe this would have the best amount of coverage.  This lush, vine-covered trellis is pure boho-chic magic!

credit: Outdoor Theme

Unlike sail shades, fixed shades are attached to metal frames and cannot be repositioned. Even though these canvas shades aren’t adjustable, there is still plenty of room for style. For example, these bright orange-colored gems are full of character. Don’t be deceived by their shady disposition — while fabric shades definitely provide cover, they still let in plenty of sunlight.

credit: Welke

This metal canopy, reminiscent of a midcentury home carport, is a beautifully modern patio cover solution.  A very very simple but yet eye-pleasing patio cover.  As much as I love MCM I sadly don’t think this is a real possibility for my patio, it wouldn’t flow with the rest of the house as it doesn’t have any MCM architecture.   I just really wanted to include it because I think it is amazing!


Can you see how hard it is to just choose one?  Who knew this one would stump me.  I would love to hear from you all and see what ya think?  We can tally up votes to see which direction to go and do a fun before and after reveal!  Let me know what you think by commenting below!


Have a beautiful Monday everyone!!



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