Take a Moment to Pause

Hey all!  I have a confession to make.  I dislike doing dishes!!  Even more,  I despise cooking and baking.  With that being said I have a family of five so I am constantly doing those dreaded things.  I find myself in the kitchen, wishing and daydreaming to be doing anything else.  I have decided to try and look at these chores in a different way, better yet having something lovely to look at while I do these chores!  I have designed a little window vignette that helps remind me what I love most, the outdoors!  Someplace I can pause and reflect.  To take a moment and just breathe, to be mindful.  Not that you need to style a vignette to do this, because being mindful and taking pause can literally happen anywhere.  I just find it more enjoyable and peaceful to create a space to remind me to slow down and reflect.

I find myself standing at this spot in my house at any given time all the time!  So why not embrace it, right?  I love to be able to see outdoors to my children playing outside while I prepare or clean up a meal.  Opening the windows to hear laughter and converse with the family.  The bones of this space were perfect for just a bit of a spruce up.  I decided to add my favorite wood ceiling fixture in the corner of this window box for a unique and special highlight.  It also helps to absorb some of the white negative space between the two cupboards.  I like the organic natural approach to any decorating so of course, with this window box and all the amazing light pouring in, placing plants here is a must!

Keeping with the organic theme I placed the not so fun stuff (dish soap) in a wood box, that flows nicely with some of the plant pots and wooden ceiling fixture up top.  Trying to take it a step further and place a vase with a pretty flower matching the tall plant’s pot in mustard yellow.  Who wouldn’t want to do dishes now??

Well, there ya have it, a view from my seat in life.  I can now remember when I am in this very spot to stop and soak it all in.  Be grateful for the beauty right outside my window and right in front of me.  I am hoping now to enjoy doing the dishes more (is that possible?).

Do you all have a spot that helps you to slow down soak it all in?  A place that reminds you to breathe and reflect on all that you are grateful for?  Please share some mindful spaces you all enjoy.  Also, any tips on how to enjoy chores more are much appreciated!!


P.s. This is a really great spot to grow some starts of fresh herbs for our garden.  Check out the far right corner.

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