A Simple Hack to Styling a Room

There is a thought process when trying to decide on how to style a room.  First, you want to understand its function so that you can style around whatever that may be.  Second, you will want to establish a mood, is it formal or casual?  This helps you to determine what colors, textures, and furniture you will need.  When you have determined all the above, try drawing out on graph paper where you will place each piece of furniture.  This will help to decide wall paint and accent walls.  Now it becomes easier to put your plans into action.  Once you have painted walls and placed furniture, it is my favorite time, time to style.

Many people get timid about this part, but you shouldn’t be.  This part of the decorating is all about you and your style.  This is your home so let it reflect your style.  There are many different styles out there such as bohemian, minimalist, farmhouse, contemporary, and so on.  Lucky for us there are also many quizzes online that can help you narrow down your style.  For me, I find that I can simply look at Pinterest, or magazines to get a feel for what my style is.  Another way is to look inside your closet and see what your wardrobe reflects.  My personal style would be a modern boho style if I had to pick.  Something free-spirited.  That’s what I want my style to portray, casual, fun, with a little unique or maybe weird.

Now that we have completed the initial design steps how to get started?  Well, start with each corner of the room, focusing on table tops, shelves, nooks, etc.  You will want to create little vignettes.  The definition of a vignette is as follows:

  1. 1.
    a brief evocative description, account, or episode.
    “a classic vignette of embassy life”
  2. 2.
    a small illustration or portrait photograph which fades into its background without a definite border.
  1. 1.
    portray (someone) in the style of a vignette.

So basically just have fun with this.  Try to keep within your color palette, mood, and style of the room but get a little funky.  You want to create little corners, shelves, and tabletops, that tell a small story about you or your family.  Something interesting and dear to you is always a must.  Maybe a cool collection of things found on vacation, or a flea market find.  Honestly, it is hard to go wrong here,  so turn up the music, relax and have fun.  It is all about putting little things together and standing back to see if it “feels” right and balanced.  There are really no hard rules here so if it feels good to you then it is on point!  Let me share with you a few vignettes of my own that I recently created after storing Easter decor away.


Here is my mantle.  I recently painted my stone fireplace (link here) white and painted the wood mantle black.  I am so happy that I made this decision as I love how it turned out.  I have created a little vignette on my mantle hoping to express my style of a modern boho feeling casual and fun.  For the shelf mantle, I have a simple rule of 3’s.  Three items all in varying height and size.  I love my artwork from Art.com, I feel that it is the weird and unique I was looking for.  I have a special wooden box up top acting as a shelf for two small glass vases with twigs and flowers.  This mantle is less cluttered because I wanted a clean feel.  You can always stagger on from here in other small groups of items spaced appropriately, which I have done before.  I just like having my focal point to be my rule of ‘3’.  On my stone hearth, I have placed two pillows to give a warm comfortable feel.  I also like the texture the pillows bring to this space.  I have another wooden box (I have a thing for wooden boxes) next to the pillows.  I placed a fun flea market purchase on top of the box.  It is a polished piece of rock from a special place dear to me, in a color that works in my palette.   On the opposite side of the hearth, I have placed my snake plant in a natural woven basket alongside a few candles in black and cream. I have draped a black shoulder throw (from my closet, I told you to look there) over the mantle to help deflect some negative space in the stone surface of the fireplace.  This is a unique look and a bold statement that brings a tremendous amount of texture. If you will notice all my items are in a color palette of a natural tan, black and white.  That is why this works so well.  They all share the same tone which brings harmony and balance.  All the while expressing my style.

Here are a few corners of my living room.  The first picture is a corner styled with function in mind.  It is the shoe drop off in my household.  It is right around the corner from my front door and a total drop off spot.  My kids and their friends immediately head here to sit and take their shoes off.  So placing a bench next to a catch-all basket works well for us.  To style it I placed a soft comfy blanket as extra cushion for your tush, using a back pillow for more support.  To tell a story of this space, I placed my beloved and well-used rainboots next to the bench opposite side my flea market wicker purse draped over the arm.  The idea is to hopefully influence my guests to get comfortable and leave their belongings at the door.  Again here my color palette is natural tan, white and black, with a few fun bright pops of color from my daughter’s art project. The second picture shows my reading nook.  My favorite blue retro reading chair with my vintage light fixture behind it to allow for proper reading light.  The window right next to the best seat in the house is a plus!  A side table with a few knick knacks in the natural tones and textures compliments the colors used throughout the room.  The blue tone in my son’s school art project really pops the blue color of my chair.  For a feeling of comfortable and fun.

So what are you waiting for, pour your favorite beverage, get your jam on and start playing/styling.  Remember not to take it too serious, just have fun.  Try out a bunch of looks, stand back and see how it feels, if it feels good then you nailed it!


Happy Styling!




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