DIY Table Square

I know what you are thinking…. what is a table square?  Well, it is as it sounds, not a table runner but a table square.  I put this one together today in no time flat and LOVE it.  I am digging that it isn’t your typical runner and the best thing is it is one of a kind.  I will list all the steps to complete this project so that you can refresh your table with this unique piece as well.

What you will need:

  1. 1-yard fabric
  2. twine or jute rope
  3. thread/needle or sewing machine
  4. not a seamstress, no problem just grab some fabric glue


  • First, you will need to pin off the fabric to form a large pillowcase shape.  Essentially this is just like making that pillowcase back in home economics if you can still remember that.  Flipped inside out, folded and pinned together on the edges, sew or glue your hems together.  Sew/glue all around the rectangle shape leaving just a small opening so that you may flip the right side up when finished.  You will then sew/glue the small opening together using the hidden hem stitch method.
  • Next up the tassels.  Take your twine rope and wrap around your four fingers about 20-25 times. Cut a small piece of twine to tie around the top of your four-fingered wrapped twine. Wrapping the piece around 5-10 times then tie off.  Trim off excess ends.  Next cut the bottom of the four-fingered wrapped twine and trim ends.  Now you have a tassel.
  • The last step is to tie your tassels on the corners of your table square.  You will need four tassels in all.  Simply stitch the tassels on any way you see fit, I am not enough of a seamstress to know how to correctly stitch these on.  I just used my thread and needle and made a few passes in and out to attach the tassels.


I think this will be so cute as a simple table square, but better yet I think it will be so cute placed under appetizer spread.  Just gives it that styled touch that we all crave.  That extra step above for your cheese boards.

This project was so simple and quick, give it a try and share your table squares.  This was a minimalist one you can totally jazz them up more and I want to see your creativity!!


Happy DIY Sunday!




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