A Simple Exterior Refresh

Oh, the daunting task of painting the exterior of your home.  Whether from a maintenance standpoint or a whole new look the thought of this makes me want to take a nap.  I would love to paint my exterior (not actually me but rather hire a company) today however it is just not in the budget.  There are just far too many other house projects that need doing first and to be honest the condition of my painted exterior is in top notch condition.  So while the color of the house exterior is not my favorite it is here to stay (for a bit).

So I have come up with a refresh that is far less expensive and on a smaller scale.  Refreshing your front door.  Give your front step a pop of that spring color.  Approaching this next season with an updated exterior, without having to break the bank (or your back) is on my spring checklist.  It is truly amazing how a fresh coat of paint on your front door can really change the look.  So I am over here formulating a plan and gathering inspiration for my next (one of many next’s) spring refresh project.  Honestly, I have been doing a lot of planning for projects because here in Boise we have nothing but rainy days with teaser weather in small increments.  When you get that one day full of sunshine you don’t want to do anything but soak it up.  So until the April showers turn into May flowers and the sun stays for more than two days, I am stuck indoors planning and making lists.

So for anybody in the same boat as me wishing to change and update the look of your exterior, read along and gather ideas.  This may be the whole new look you were hoping to achieve.

Let’s start first with a natural wood door.  So pretty, so natural and so striking.  What I love most about going with a natural wood door is that is foolproof.  This door can go with just about any color scheme.  It is equally striking when used with a dark exterior or a light exterior.  I especially love the ones with added glass.  I love letting the outdoors in at any chance.  This one is my pick and what I plan to do but this is just all a very loose plan taking form so anything can change.

Pinks!!  If this doesn’t say spring has sprung then I don’t know what does.  I love how modernized the pinks can look especially in the first two pictures.  Such a unique refresh and if you want some added curb appeal that will get noticed, this is it!

50 shades of green.  With green being the new “it” color this one is definitely second runner up for me.  My favorite being the first picture as it feels clean, crisp and modern.  Very striking!

Last but certainly not least.  The traditional colors that can stand the test of time.  Black, red and navy blue doors are always stunning.  These colors are always trending so you can’t go wrong.

Well, what are you waiting for (the rain to stop)?  Give your home the “aw” factor by refreshing your front door.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised what a new fresh coat of paint or sanding can do for your overall curb appeal.  If you want to take it a step further stay tuned for some DIY updates for your garage doors.


Happy Saturday and happy painting!



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