9 Ways to decorate Easter Eggs

Hello!  I have found some really cute and adorable ways to decorate your Easter Eggs this year.  Instead of the same old boring, jazz it up a bit into something fun and different.  So here we go:


This is definitely something we will be doing at our house this Easter.  I can totally see this being my son’s jam. Thanks, Brit and Co.
How beautiful are these!! Something I definitely will want to do. To pretty to eat or throw away so maybe I will have to do this on keepsake wood eggs. Thanks for this design Say Yes.
Going right along with the foliage theme above. Love this! Thanks, Delia Creates.
For the artist with a steady hand. So creative. Thanks for the inspiration Ernest Home Co.
So ADORABLE!! Can’t wait to try this out. Bitte.
So pretty and mess free. No paint and such so this is right up our ally. Thanks, Oh Joy.
Now this one is another version of the one above, however, this one uses paint. The picture is so great though it makes me want to try it out. Awesome job Let’s Mingle.
Now, this is a bit of the same old same old, but they do it so well and pretty. I want to try this fun out for sure! Love it Oh Joy!
I saved my favorite for last. So on trend and matching my mostly black and white decor. This is going to be a MUST to try! Thanks, Alice and Lois.

There ya have it some unique and creative ways to jazz up your eggs this year.  Happy decorating!!

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