Mother Nature’s Inspiration

Spring is here!! Yay finally the sun has to come out to play here in Boise after weeks of rain.  I love the feel of refresh and renew the spring season brings along with it.  Such a good time to do a little decorating, rearrange some pieces, put winter away and bring out spring.  Fun vibrant colors and textures are always a good sight to see after a winter of neutrals.  My favorite way to get started in project refresh is to step outside and really see what’s happening in nature.  I love being outside, it brings a weird calm that really grounds me.  So I always try to incorporate natural organic pieces from my surroundings as well as gather inspiration from the great outdoors.  That’s exactly what I did today, in my own backyard, I found the inspiration I was looking for.  Let me share it with you.

When I saw this in my backyard I immediately noticed the brilliant colors coming together.  Mostly hues in the neutrals here but fun pops of color all around.  You can see the bright pink flowers on the moss-stained tree trunk.  The black shadows, the warm brown in the fence.  The green trees all around with bright blue skies and fluffy white clouds.  I mean the texture and color combo is perfection.  Way to go mother nature!!  Inspiration calling me I came inside and created this scene.

Do you see the resemblance?  The neutral background of white walls, warm brown credenza, black frames paired with the black chair.  And of course so many pops of the vibrant blues, pinks, greens and so many more.  I may have over embellished on the color but why not I am feeling super cheery and colorful as it is SPRING!

To sum it all up, I just want to put it out there that anything can become inspiration.  When you feel stuck in a rut, go somewhere that you enjoy and love, look around to find your next color scheme.  Oh and of course I can’t forget to mention I  grabbed a few twigs to bring inside as they are uniquely gorgeous, and I smile every time I see them.  That’s all for Friday’s tip, have a fantastically, beautiful and inspired weekend.

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