Improvising the Look

I am loving the boho look right now.  Honestly, I am not sure what to call it, and do you have to call it something?  I can think of a few things I would like to call it or “label” it….possibly an eclectic maximalist who lends to the lighter side.  Not sure what I mean?  Let me try and explain the mood and feeling of the style.  An authentic piece with an organic flare.  Using natural textures and objects to ground you and fun vibrant colors to enlighten you.  In other words, loving your style and owning it using what you have on hand.

Anywho, as I was saying I am loving this style, and totally digging the look of weaved baskets and wicker/rattan furniture.  I have a few stylists that I love to follow (my fav is Emily Henderson ) and have seen them place beautiful baskets in a gallery placement on the wall.  I have this odd spot on my staircase where the stairs turn to the right and descend further.  Along with this landing, I have an odd triangular shaped shelf that feels like it needs something, I just didn’t know what.   Finally, after gathering inspiration I came up with just what I was looking for.

I loved the basket walls, as I mentioned, that I wanted to try the same loo.,  However, I didn’t have baskets that worked for this purpose.  They were all too large and deep.  Then the idea occurred to me to use jute placemats I had on hand.  LOVE, LOVE these placemats from Target and now I love them even more.  I then placed a bright blue pottery vase with a rope in a similar tone as the placemats on my shelf for a pop of color.  I am super excited about how this turned out, even happier that I didn’t have to spend $$.

I am hoping to inspire you all, to find something you own, redecorate it or improvise the look.  What do you think?  Do you have any tips or tricks for using something you have on hand to replicate a look?  Would love to hear about them so please comment.  Have a happy Monday.!


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