Bring the Beauty of Spring Indoors



Hello All! It is finally Spring, the birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing and I am sneezing!  I don’t mind though because it is for good cause.  The blooming trees and flowers this season are beautiful.  I enjoy being outdoors and seeing all the vibrant colors with waking nature.  We have been a bit rainy and dreary here in Boise so with any glimpse of sun I am outdoors soaking it all up.  However, right now that isn’t too often.  So I thought I would clip some of my trees that are blooming in my yard and bring them indoors for a beautiful pick me up.  I love it!  I smile every time I enter the room, which is all I could ask for… right?  I encourage you all to find something in your yard or a nearby place you can clip some spring twigs.  I promise it is better than a fresh bouquet from the store because it feels authentic to your space.  Something you created from wonderful mother nature, somewhere nearby the place you call home.

To properly clip from trees or shrubs find the branch or in this case twig collar.  This is located at the base of your twig (where your twig grows out from the larger branch it is attached to.)  Making sure to trim the twig at the collar will help your tree branch callus and heal with no damage.

Give it a try and have a happy heart.  Happy Clipping!

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