Mindful Repurpose

My morning hub.  The place where I start my day.   Possibly just like breakfast is the most important meal of the day, to me, this hub is the most important spot of the day.  A spot where I regroup, refresh (with lots of coffee), where I plan my day.  Also, a little quiet time before the kiddos awake.  A mindful spot where I can process and think through what lies ahead.  So it would only be natural to love the spot of the day, my hub.  Which brings me to why I am loving this hub so much.  I repurposed my bar stool cushions!! Now trust me folks, I am not a seamstress!  I am not even close.  However, this project seemed easy and I do love the end result.  My tooshie also thanks me for the soft and warm comfort that my new cushion brings.  I love waking up to a DIY project that brings me happiness, good way to start the day for sure!


What got me started on this project was how old and stained my cushions (pictured above )were looking. Not to mention I bought them roughly 8 years ago so they have had a good life.  Having purchased so long ago, my style and color scheme around my house has changed.  So not only were these cushions dirty but they totally didn’t go with anything in our new house.  So I thought, I really need to get some cushions that match my current decor.  Then it hit me; why not just take the old covers off the cushion and sew on some new fabric.  So I pulled my fabric off first by taking a seam ripper and ripping the seams to pull off the fabric.  The actual foam of the cushion was in great condition and I really liked the shape of the cushion as it worked well for my barstool.  So having assessed the cushion I then headed to the fabric store to pick out some fabric (the best part of the project) that matched my current decor.  I found THE softest and I mean THE softest fabric with a color scheme that worked in a classic buffalo plaid pattern….LOVE!  I then placed my cushion on top of my fabric, which was folded into half, and added an extra 1 1/2 inches all the way around the cushion for good measure.  Then I traced out my cushion shape and cut out fabric with a rotary blade.  Using my sewing machine to stitch the sides of fabric together, I made sure to leave the top of the fabric open ( about 5-7 inches) so I then can place my cushion inside.  Once finished sewing I turned my fabric inside out, squeezed my cushion inside and stitched up the opening.  Super simple and super easy!  Check out before and after below.

My mindful repurpose as I call it gives me joy in recreating something useful and comforting.  No need to throw out a perfectly good foam cushion and spend more money on something else.  Plus I love it even more because I created it!!  I now can look forward to early mornings….hopefully.

Do you have a creation that was a recycle?  Please comment and share any repurposing you have done so that we may all get inspiration and try a recycle of our own.  Don’t forget there are many ways to recycle just about anything and it is truly living green which makes our planet oh so happy!!  I am thinking of some pillows that can use a recycle, possibilities are endless.


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