Chocolate Robot; Will you be mine?

Hey there!  With Valentines right around the corner I thought I would share a yummy craft that I made with my youngest today!  It turned out so cute I think I am going to take it to my second grader’s Valentine class party.  This will definitely be a big hit as it is adorable, has chocolate, and isn’t too “girly”.  It is totally a gender neutral craft, which can be hard to pull off around Valentines.

There you have it.  It is super easy to do all you need is some cute, bright paper, found here.  Some yummy wrapped mini chocolate bars, like the ones I found here.  You need to make sure the chocolate bars are wrapped in shiny foil for the complete look.  I then just cut a small rectangle with the bright fun paper to cover the brand of chocolate bar leaving the foil wrapper exposed on top and bottom.  The rest is pretty easy, cutting legs and arms out of some metal looking paper, and black paper for hands and feet.  With the hands and feet I cut circles, large circles for the feet cut in half to make half moons.  The hands were made the same way as the feet, however I cut smaller circles and a  ‘U’ shape into one end of the circle before cutting in half to create half moon shapes.  A black square shape for the head, with mis-matched eyes and a pipe cleaner mouth.  Last I stuck a heart on my robots chest, such a “lovely” way to finish it off.  So fun and my little loves it!

Do you have fun crafts you do this time of the year?  I would love to see what you all create!  Keep on crafting!


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