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Love is in the air.  I really do “love” Valentines as I feel it brings a burst of color to a bit of a dark dreary season. It’s wonderful to see bright cheery colors on peoples porches, mantles or just all around the house. I even feel that many people start to wear brighter colors around Valentines, subconsciously or not. So bring on the chocolates (my all time favorite about Valentines) and lets splash a little color around.

In my opinion there is a fine line between “tacky” and chic looking Valentines decor.  I always struggle with Valentines as it can get out of hand very quickly.  I have found the less you do is actually better,  like I said Valentines is very colorful and when working with bright colors you can go overboard quickly.  Check out my rustic inspired Valentines porch.

Lets start with my wreath.  I couldn’t find a wreath that I felt wasn’t too busy.  I always like to bring nature into my decor as I get most of my inspiration from nature.  Here you have my heart pine cone wreath.  This baby is all DIY (read my tutorial here).  I love how it turned out.  The neutral colors mixed in with some pink ribbon is just the right color recipe for me.  Find my heart wire wreath frame here. I had PLENTY of pine cones in my stash (like I said I love decorating with nature) but if you don’t there is a nice supply herePink ribbon in pastel shades, different textures and sizes give it a nice look.  To put the cherry on top I added the love sign, which is actually a wood cake topper, but worked well.  Just cut the stick off and spray paint your sign gold.  Then glue to edges of pine cones.

I am still using and loving this black and white checkered rug that I purchased for my Festive Christmas Porch.  It goes with everything and so easy to style when you layer another rug on top.  I found this cute arrow rug (cupid’s arrow) that mixes well with my checkered rug.  Adding enough neutral colors is a must for balancing the color spectrum.

My Valentines pot was another DIY success.  The kiddos can get in on this one.  They cut out different sizes of hearts with some pink designed paper.  I like using mix and match paper as it gives it a whimsical feel.  I taped my hearts on branches from my yard.  Just make sure to find sticks or branches with varying lengths so you can stagger the hearts.  If you can’t find anything that works, try some dowel rods from you local hardware or craft store.  I added some rocks mixed with faux moss at the base of my sticks on top of the dirt to fill in my pot and give it an organic look.  I then placed my XOXO sign on top of the rocks/moss.  It all came together perfectly.


My lanterns I have had for a while now and use them frequently.  So if you are thinking of getting some, you should, as they are great pieces for any home decor idea.  I put some candles inside and tied pink ribbon to the outside of both my lanterns.  My candles were plain white candles so I cut some more pink designed paper to tape around one candle to give it the Valentine look, with the other candle I left it white and tied a pink ribbon around the candle.  Simple, chic and sophisticated!

I don’t want to forget this little charm; pop of color pom pom garland.  When I finished styling my porch I just felt it could use a touch more of color.  I always err on the side of caution, not wanting to get too loud or busy.  But I did feel it needed just a little more and this garland was the answer.  Love the cheer!

Welcome your guests with this DIY sophisticated porch.  I guarantee they will “LOVE” it!


Share and inspire me with all of your ideas on how to and how not to decorate for Valentines.  Do you go loud, or do you tone it down a bit?  Would love to see!



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