Pine Cone Wreath DIY Tutorial

I have been searching for a Valentines wreath for a while now and it seems nothing strikes my fancy.  So when I had this idea I couldn’t wait to try it out.  And if I do say so myself, it turned out great!  I love to create things, but more I love to create simple, authentic pieces that incorporate nature in some way.   If you have an hour and some patience then you will love to create this wreath. 

Items needed:

hot glue (lots and lots)

heart wire wreath frame (this is your wreath base)

pine cones


love sign


step 1: Plug your hot glue in cause it is going to work overtime.  Lay your wire frame on a flat surface.  I placed a large piece of paper under to be the catch all for hot glue drippings.  Start to lay out pine cones on the frame in the order you want to glue.  I put about 3-4 pine cones on at a time to see how the placement works and looks.  I used a variety of pine cones to fit the space needed.  Some large, some skinny but tall and some small.  It is like a puzzle, just fit in the piece that works best.  Once you have a handful in a good place grab one at a time and glue to your wire frame.  This is where the patience has to kick in as you glue, and then have to wait till it dries thoroughly to then glue another cone. If you don’t you may jeopardize your last glued pine cone’s position if you move the wire base to soon.  Finish gluing pine cones around wire frame to form a heart.

step 2: Once you finished gluing the pine cones, take a step back to observe the shape of your heart.  Do you need to fill in anywhere?  When you are pleased with the shape flip it over and really give the underneath side a good second coating of hot glue to ensure durability.  If you are like me who have children in and out slamming doors all day this is a good step.  Let it dry for about 10 minutes.

step 3: Next up the sign.  Now this is actually a cake topper that I purchased but liked it for the weight.  It wasn’t too heavy, therefore can be glued to the edges of my pine cones.  First you will need to cut off the stick portion and lightly sand the rough edges from cutting stick off.  Next paint the sign any color of choice.  I chose gold as it seemed like a good color combo, neutral.  Let your sign dry.

step 4: Hot glue the sign on.  I glued the lower portion of the ‘L’ to the pine cone.  Just placing the lower ‘L’ portion into a pine cone’s scale.  Just do a dab as you won’t need much.  I then glued the end of the ‘E’ into a pine cone scale as well.  Let it dry.


step 5: Wrap some pink ribbon of small to medium width around wreath.  Making sure to balance both sides with equal amounts wrapped ribbon.  Top off with some more ribbon wrapped through wire behind the glued cones for hanging purposes.  I placed my ribbon through the wire at the top point of heart.

And there you have it, my nature inspired pine cone wreath.  Simple yet sophisticated.  I know your guests will “LOVE” being welcomed with this wreath.  Check out more ideas for your Valentines porch here.


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