Organizing the Chaos; part 1

Lets knock out a resolution (chore) and treat my OCD to a day of organizing.  There is so much I want to organize, de-clutter, DIY remodel, and much more that I can’t wait to share with you this year.  But first things first…..organize the chaos.  Get rid of the old to live simpler and organize to live happier (it’s true, studies have shown that tidying up a bit can improve your mood). Then the pretty stuff, remodeling (which definitely improves my mood)!

This is part 1 of my de-clutter and organize series.  There is so much to do that it can be overwhelming to know where and what to start with.  So for me I start with what is REALLY bothering me.  Like the junk drawer that is a pain just to open.  Or the pantry, which is really my least favorite to organize but somebody’s got to do it…right?!  So let me share with you my ideas and ideas I have found to help nudge you to get going on your chaos.




Starting with the biggest pain in the ***.  The JUNK drawer.  No joke this stuff was just floating around in the drawer for nearly 6 months.  If you needed to find anything you would empty all the contents (finding a needle in a large haystack).  I could no longer take it so I found a wonderful solution……retractable drawer organizer a.k.a. flatware holder.  I found the largest one I could, extended as far as I could, to have this beautiful chaos organized!!  I kept sharpies, pencils, pens. tape, glue, keys, etc. in their own respectful places.  I now love to open this drawer (to admire my work).


Cords!!!  I despise cords showing.  Now I know what your thinking, well then take the t.v. off the counter and then no cords on display.  Au contraire… there is still that pesky but helpful “ok google” lady with cords attached.  Also, I am not going to lie, I love having a t.v. in the kitchen.  When I am cooking dinner I can keep up with the rest of the world by catching the evening news (I sound like my mother).  Check out this amazing  storage basket I found with large enough holes in the weave that plugs can exit to the outlet.  This basket is full of cords, but you wouldn’t know it as I plopped a faux plant inside (didn’t get a real one as there isn’t sufficient light).


Are you like me and growing tired of your kids dumping entire bins of toys out just to find a toy?  We have that problem at our house, so I figure this solution is a total win as they no longer need to do so.  Also I find they play with long, lost, and forgotten toys more often as it takes less work to find said toy.  This over the door shoe organizer (known at our house as the doll organizer) works wonders for Barbies, dolls, and all their small parts.  My son has one for all his superheroes and army men, this works well for both boys and girls.

Same concept here with all the bin dumping to find that one “special” hot wheel.  Keep the metal toy cars hung nicely and neatly with a magnetic knife bar.  No more unnecessary messes (aren’t they all unnecessary).  Toys are visible as well as easily manageable so they are played with more.  Remember you need metal cars for this, I found out the hard way….found this idea and immediately had to try it.  When I found this idea on Pinterest it hadn’t stated anything about making sure toy cars were metal (f.y.i. most cars are plastic or aluminum these days), so of coarse this was a total dud for me as no cars would stick.  Thanks to  Keeping up with the Souths for troubleshooting the problem and coming up with a soution.


The most cluttered  room in the house….the pantry. I didn’t want to take this one on but here it is in all its glory….organized!  If you have a label maker and big budget for some beautiful bins great, if not don’t fret.  You can organize with anything and a bit of an imagination.  Organize how you and your budget see fit, recycle cardboard boxes, old baskets, index cards and sharpie the possibilities are endless.  My daughter even got in on the fun and helped me to make my index cards “fun”.  I found these black bins in all sizes at a great price (on sale), all other bins/baskets I already had.


Pictured above are some items that I didn’t think needed a bin as it seemed wasteful.  Using a canned food storage rack is a fabulous way of keeping your canned goods organized and able to see.  I used original boxes for the cereal and crackers as I wanted to be able to find what I was looking for and know what is what in a timely manner.  My fruit snacks have a million packages in them as they were a very recent purchase in bulk from Costco.  I felt its original box did the trick better than anything.  Grouping items that are difficult to put in a bin alongside items placed in bins looks clean and tidy. The trick is to keep alike items grouped together.  Pictured below is a great example of a bread bin followed by a pasta bin (bring on the carbs).  Other sections can include, breakfast items (cereal, oatmeal, granola bars etc.), baking goods (flour, sugar, brownie mix), so many ways to work the sections, do what feels best and easily accessable to you. Put healthy snacks on a low shelf so little’s are able to reach, items used frequently around midlevel, and items used less frequently up high.

Here is a very practical way to organize items of the same section using minimal space (especially placed in a corner) and ease in locating.  Lazy Susan’s are a brilliant way to organize flour, sugar, baking powder, etc, that are used frequently.


Thanks to Useful Beautiful Home and Organized Junkie for this great idea!! I will definitely be doing this once the weather warms and I can brave the cold garage.  I love how they have used corresponding pictures to line up the toys.  Stay in your lane!!!!


I really want to try this in our craft room (which is next on my list).  What a great way to organize our days. I love that the chalk boards are big enough to fit all the events ( which is a lot these days)!  Thanks for the inspiration HGTV.

Well it’s been a long day and me and my OCD are all tuckered out.  So until next time (part 2), keep on keepin on.

If you have some organizing ideas and tips please share with me as I would love to hear them.

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