Cozy Winter Porch

Baby its cold outside!  Christmas is over, Valentines is over a month away.  How to decorate your porch and welcome your guests?  Well one thing is for sure, it is winter.  For me that is worth celebrating.  Snow is on the ground, snowman in the yard.  Why not do a winter porch?  Here is a unique, cozy porch worth warming up too.  Most of the items needed to style this porch I had already purchased or is a staple in our decor rotation.  So the pros of this winter porch being friendly on the budget which who doesn’t love this (especially after that budget bursting holiday; Christmas)!  Also, I love a refresh in decor, it feels clean and new.  Cons of this porch; NOTHING.

My white wreath I bought at Target a while back and have absolutely loved.  White can incorporate into all the holidays of the year somehow so it is a star in a lot of my ‘shows’.  I found a similar wreath here.  My black and white plaid scarf I have had for a few years and actually snagged a hole in it.  So I came up with the idea to use it as a house decor piece.  I found a similar one here, (that I am going to purchase for its replacement in my wardrobe).  It is all the feels of cozy on this porch, and pairs nicely with the wreath and rug.  All my other pieces I purchased for my Christmas porch, the black and white checkered rug, the faux potted tree, the garland, the lantern with candle, lastly the” believe” circle in faux wood which was a $1 section Target in store purchase.  Changing out a few pieces made this porch feel new and will be perfect until I can put up Valentines.


Happy snowman building, sleigh riding winter!!


What does your winter porch look like?  I would love to see more ideas and inspiration on what you do with your porch decor after Christmas so please share.


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