New Year’s Resolution: Mindfulness

Being present, in the moment, appreciating the light we all have within us.  My constant goal, my constant resolution, is to live in this very moment.  Whether it is good or bad be in the moment. Be grateful for this very moment, take a breath and allow yourself to soak it in.  This was always a hard concept for me.  I heard what people said: “don’t blink or your kids will grow up”, “time goes by so fast”, etc.  It is true what they say, but if you are able to be in the moment and not worry about tomorrow, yesterday or even this afternoon, it will “slow down”.  Taking a pause and being in that moment, that very second, will allow you many moments and many seconds.  This alone will improve the quality of life, allow you to appreciate life, and realize what is important and what isn’t.  So with the New Year upon on us I thought I would share my secret to discovering this concept.  A book that really spoke to me and I hope can really speak to you too.  A book by an author; Eckhart Tolle called “A New Earth”.  If any of you have a resolution to live a happier, fuller life I would recommend giving this book a read.  So here is a New Year resolution for a New You, a New Year’s resolution for your mind.  Cheers to 2019!

Get the inside right. The outside will fall into place.   -Eckhart Tolle


If you have read this book and have any comments or insights I would love to hear them, if not but have read similiar books I would love to hear those recomendations so please comment.


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