Toasting time; New Years Eve table

Is it too early to start thinking New Years?  Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas and even more love decorating for Christmas.  But….. after decorations have been up for a few weeks I am ready for something new.  Our family tradition on New Years is to stay home and ring in the New Year.  It really is fun and I know my kiddos look forward to it every year.  I plan games, food, drinks both adult friendly (well duh) and kid friendly.  More plans for this years party to come as it is in the works.   The table is the heart of our home.  We eat, play games and really just gather there.  So I really like to make my table “pop”.  This years table was fun as my kids helped me put it together.


The holidays are so busy, it is hard to find the time to take Christmas down and put up New Years, not to mention the wallet is a little empty.  This table was quick, affordable (these two qualifications are a must) and added just enough flair for our party.


First off how cute is this clock?  The colors fit nicely into my theme.  I love decorating with clocks for New Years,  and this one I know I can decorate with all year-long.  The box was a gift from a friend, it tied into the table and is sentimental.  I love using items that remind me of something/someone special in decorating.  Every time I see it I smile.  Look around your house, for sentimental items that fit into your theme to use as well, and hopefully it will make you smile.


The table runner I have had for years but found this really cute black table runner that is very versatile.  The black plate chargers I purchased for my Christmas table and I was able to reuse them for my New Years table….ca ching!  My plates are plastic!! Double ca ching!! First of all no dishes on New Years right!?  Second of all these plastic clear plates are just chic enough to be used for many occasions and for a good price!


Thanks to Pixels and Paperie for these adorable New Years clocks.  I was able to print at home 6 large clocks and 36 small clocks (they print out one large clock and six small clocks per page).  My kiddos cut out the clocks, (good way to get them involved when they want to help) and we placed the large clocks under our plastic clear plates.  They show through nicely!  We then placed the smaller clocks around our table and buffet for our clock theme.  Super cute, unique and best of all cheap table setting.


Countdown to midnight napkins fit in perfect with my clock and color theme.  Mix it in with some sparkly paper stars and confetti and your table will have a whole lot of pizzaz.


Here is a closer look at the small clocks mixed in with some fun confetti.



How magical do these “floating bubbles” look above your table?  I grabbed some fishing wire and found these amazing ornaments in my color pallete….pst. they are on sale right now!  I hung them from our chandelier at different lengths and colors.  That is the secret to looking like floating bubbles, to make sure they are all at different lengths.  I chose to use 12 ornaments as my chandelier is more horizontal, if I hung more it wouldn’t stay gathered.  But, typically I always say the more the merrier.  I used the remaining ornaments scattered around my centerpiece and filled some glass vases on my buffet.


And there ya have it.  Our headquarters for the evening, where we will eat, laugh and conspire New Year Resolutions.  What kinds of things do you all put up for New Years?  I would love to see some inspiration as this holiday often gets skipped as far as decor is concerned.  Cheers!!


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