A Christmas gift you’d actually want to receive.

Okay so we’ve made the list and checked it twice, now what to give them???  This holiday give a handcrafted, home-made gift you, your neighbors, and family/friends will love.  This easy, creative DIY Christmas gift is oh so fun to do with your kids as well, (home-made teachers gifts, can I get a booyah!) mine enjoyed a little craft time with mom, and who am I kidding I loved to spend time with the kids this crazy season. The best part is these gifts are under $5 so it is a win win for everyone.


These are the unique, retro looking teacher gifts my kiddos made. I bought  flour sack towels and pom-pom trim and started by sewing the trim on one end of the towels.  These towels are a great find as they are great for all kinds of crafts, and you get such a steal for $1 each towel!!

Next, (you can honestly reverse this step and the last, it doesn’t really matter) I stamped on some festive Christmas stamps in fabric paint. This is where my kids really enjoyed the craft, I let them pick the stamp and color for their teacher and they went to town.  We staggered our design in a zig zag pattern on our towels.  Make sure to rinse your stamp off and clean it well as the fabric paint, (which I love, I have used a few brands and this seems quality to me) can get sticky and “gunk” up your stamps for future crafting.  Let your fabric dry 72 hours, before washing or ironing.

Next we made some DIY ornaments to jazz up the wrapping of our gift.  I found these clear plastic ornaments and placed some faux snow inside the ornament.  Next I placed some mini frosted trees  inside with the snow.  I had to cut, using my wire cutters, the bottom wood base off as it wouldn’t fit in the ornament.  I was sad to have to do this but still think it looked just as cute without it.  Next with some leftover pipe cleaners I had lying around, we created our name stick.  I ordered alphabet letter beads to spell out our friends, teachers, and neighbors first or last names on the pipe cleaner.  There isn’t enough room to spell out really long names or both first and last names so choose what fits best for your gift.  After stringing the pipe cleaner with the letters needed, place it inside the ornament and close it up.  I would recommend using pipe cleaners for the name stick, it is just full enough with fibers so the beads don’t slip around.

I cleaned out my local Targets dollar section.  I love the retro design Christmas soap to go with our flour sack towels.  Best part is the $1 price tag.  While I was there I also found (I can seriously spend days in that section…so many fun items!) some fun ornaments to use in place of the more personal ornaments we created.  Honestly, I don’t know all my neighbors last name (I know sad, but in my defense we only moved here a short while ago), so the DIY ornament was a no go as I couldn’t spell out all the family members first names on one pipe cleaner.  So the Target score of $1 ornaments in a variety of designs as well as the $1 soap still kept me under $5 a gift….YIPEE!  Thank you Target for the section at the beginning of the store that I always have to stop by even if I am “running” in for “just” milk!

Tie the bundle all together with some cute twine, and wish all of yours a Holly Jolly full of DIY love Christmas.  Would love to see what creative gifts you made for your “nice” list.  Share your ideas as I love new inspiration….never too late to start planning for next year.

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