The Christmas Table

The Christmas table, the gathering place, the centerpiece…..need I say more?  Every year I always stress about what my Christmas table will look like (or what I hope it will look like).   Will it be kid friendly for my littles but still be chic and festive…. does that even exist?  Every year time seems to fly by and before I know it I am scrounging up matching sets of napkins, chargers, clean utensils and what ever is in reach to decorate the table.  This year I decided to plan it out a little, look for some good deals and try (with an almost $0 dollar budget) to pull off a Christmas table worth gathering at.


I wanted to create a table that said to me Hygge, a table that celebrated coziness, warmth and family.  A feeling of content with an emphasis on finding joy in everyday.  So in other words something organic, something you can find in your own backyard.  Like your own trimmings from your Christmas tree or clipping some sprigs from your trees right outside.  Inserting pinecones from your nearest pine tree, candles from your candle stash and a few festive items from my favorite go to shops…Target and Amazon.

We will start out with my favorite pieces this year.  Simple festive plates that are just so simple yet chic.  Four plates with ‘merry’, ‘joy’, ‘gather’, and ‘peace’ in the center.

Lets not leave out the black charger plates.  They really help to make the smaller plates “pop”.

This runner is very simple, comfortable  and can be used all year long, (currently planning a new years table with this runner incorporating nicely), with matching napkins.  I am definitely feeling the Hygge vibe with this runner/napkin combo as it is cozy for any occasion.

Garland, the piece that brings it all together and give it the touch of festive.  I love this garland as it has some added pine cones and different sprigs of faux tree sprigs adding complimentary shades of green.  I really like how easy the branches spread out to fill out the center.

How about this glass cloche??  Adding this cloche center piece made this table fill with elegance.  I had these miniature trees from last year but found some similar trees here.  If you don’t have trees to place inside other ideas would be to use candles, sprigs from a tree in your yard, ornaments, so many possibilities.

I found this great ribbon to tie all my pieces together with a simple yet cozi black and white theme.

In sticking with my simple, organic theme, I chose to use a black and white twine to tie up my napkins with my pinecones (I bought a bundle of the smell good ones), for a unique setting.

A few more shots of my Christmas table.  I want to remember this moment as long as I can… won’t stay like this forever.  Would love to hear about what Hygge means to you and how you use it to inspire your Christmas table.  Thanks for reading!!  Happy Hygge!


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