Oh Christmas tree!

Hey there, just wanted to share a family fun experience we had the other day when purchasing our tree.  In our family trees have been purchased, chopped, and ripped out of a box.  Having done them all, I would have to say this year’s experience was the best.  We currently moved to the beautiful city of trees, (which only makes since I found the best Christmas tree yet this year) Boise, Idaho.  Christmas tree tradition in our family is to put it up the day after Thanksgiving, so we usually trek out on frightful BLACK Friday to claim our beloved tree.  I know the recommendation for purchasing a “real” tree for Christmas is usually to wait until mid December if you want it to last through the holiday season, but…..I have found that I can purchase a tree the day after Thanksgiving and by keeping up on the water( no brainer but I still struggle with that) and placing the lighting in a certain way( please read my post ‘Give yourself the gift of frustration free tree lighting‘ to read my secret technique) as not to dry the tree out.  So, there we were headed out on our mission when I did a quick google search of Christmas tree lots.  The prices are usually a “tad” bit better at the big box stores but honestly I feel they never have a good selection to choose from unless you are in the market for a one type tree.  Not to mention the lack of magic you could have experienced if you headed to a smaller mom and pop lot.  When I came across a tree lot called “Seatpea’s Christmas Trees”  I knew it was the right one.  I mean who doesn’t LOVE that name to begin with.  We pulled up and I knew we hit the right spot.  From first view it looked to be in someone’s large backyard.  The whole family seemed to be running around helping customers.  There was even a dog there to greet you!  I spotted two or three trees and spent my time trying to decide.  A darling young girl offered my family hot cocoa at no extra charge….I mean c’mon they already had me at Sweatpea’s!  They helped us to drill a hole, saw off the bottom of the trunk and help tie it up to our car.  As if this all isn’t a one of a kind experience I was able to go through a pile of premium Christmas tree trimmings for all my house decor needs.  You truly can’t have a Christmas tree experience like this at any box store, or for that matter chopping your own down.  We did that route one year and it was actually a lot of work with littles, maybe when they are old enough to do the “chopping”.  The whole ripping out of the box is easy, fast and usually looks pretty great from afar, but you don’t have the smell or chance to get out and support a local group like this. I am so glad we came by and will definitely be back next year.

Thanks so much Sweatpeas!!!



I encourage you all to find and support your local tree lot and share with me!  I loved making our experience a memory that will last for years!  Happy hunting!

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