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First impressions are everything and the first thing your holiday guests see is the porch.  Whether it is a quick drop by, a holiday gathering, or simply just passer by er’s, your porch is front row and center.  I have always spent so much time and energy making the inside of our home perfect for the holidays, I often have neglected the front porch.   This year I swore I would not let this happen again.  Being in a new home for the holidays will always get you back on track accomplishing those Christmas decor wishes that had fallen short in the same ol’ rut routine.  I am going to share my festive, yet frugal, Christmas porch.  My ideas produced not only a porch to be noticed but I was able to style my porch with no time at all.  This time of the year has sooo little “time ” that I literally don’t know how I function ( if I even do).   So the fact that I accomplished a long (and I mean long) time goal and didn’t break the bank or loose sleep over it is a Christmas Miracle.  So here are my steals I found on Amazon ( love prime shipping… delivers to your “porch” lickety split all you have to do is unwrap) so you don’t have to spend anymore time doing anything but sitting back and admiring your Christmas styled porch.

Here is the full view of my porch!  Simple yet tasteful.

 A colorful entrance.  Find my checkered rug here.

Find my colorful rug here.

Show stopper wreath.  The bells are such a nice touch.

Find my wreath here.

Christmas pot.  So simple and easy to take care of!  NO having to water!!  Bought the cute burlap tree here, and threw some Christmas tree trimmings underneath to fill in pot.

This lantern I have had for years but I found one similar here.   Tied a festive colored ribbon to the handle.  Added a candle and threw some more Christmas tree trimming inside to fill it up.  So cute!

Some garland to bring it all together in the same green shades as my wreath and Christmas pot.  I really like the added color and pinecones in this garland to feel full and life-like.  Get the garland here.

Joyful buckets!  Without noticing it until now I think my porch theme is Joy!! Found these cute Joy buckets here.  Also found some affordable faux birch sticks (buying a “real” bundle of birch logs cost a fortune to ship)! Had the last of my Christmas tree trimmings to stuff inside the buckets for a fuller look.  If you don’t have any Christmas tree trimmings use something out of the yard, like other possible tree trimmings or sticks.  Pinecones would be cute as well.  The best part about finding them outside is its for free!  Also craft stores tend to put their faux Christmas flowers and such on sale frequently.  Combine that with a coupon and you can have them for a steal.

Well there ya have it.  A quick festive porch that didn’t break the bank!

I would love to see your Christmas styled porch! Please share the steal’s and styles you have found.  Merry styling… Christmas!

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