Christmas class P-A-R-T-Y

Okay all you room parents lets get this party started.  This year I am room mom for my daughters class which means I am in charge of putting together a class celebration for Halloween, Christmas, Valentines and year end.  Halloween planning for the most part was pretty smooth and easy as there were so many Pintrest pins to choose from.  I had more than enough choices and information to choose from.  So when I started my search for Christmas party ideas it seemed slim pickins.  All I could find was the same ideas just a different theme.  Well to me this seemed boring and if it seems boring to me it must be for second graders.  So I challenged myself to find different games and such.  I came up with a pretty great class party that I wanted to share with you all to help save you the time of scouring the internet.  When time is so precious this time of year I hope this helps cross one more thing of your list.  Enjoy and have fun celebrating.

Food and snack ideas for class party:

Thanks to for this festive healthy way to celebrate.  Maybe the kids will actually eat their veggies…bawhahaha!

Thanks to for these cute Grinch Kabobs!

So many ideas how will I ever choose?  Thanks!!

My mouth is already watering! Thanks


Games, games and more games…

Many thanks to for this diffetent yet easy game. This time of the year we all seem to be getting more and more cardboard boxes with online shopping. Save one, find sticks in the yard, make pipecleaner rings (or use some from another game if you have them) slap on some eyes and a nose and there you have it. Also helps the classroom to look festive…. so you nailed it!

Thank you for this fun alternative to playing bingo. Thanks to these last two ideas that are similiar but yet oh so fun. I would pick one and go with it.

Christmas craft time….

So cute! Thanks!



Large scale festive classroom decor…

Would love to hear how your class party planning is going and if you have found any unique and festive ways for the kiddos to celebrate. P-A-R-T-Y on!!!!

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