Give yourself the gift of frustration free tree lighting.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Or so the story goes….but when it comes to lighting a real Christmas tree it is the most dreaded time of the year.  I know, I know most of my friends say why don’t you just get a pre lit tree and be done with it?  They are up in few minutes and then you have time for “other” important things. Sometimes I question this myself (I question a lot of my decisions) but in the end I am always so happy to have the Christmas smell in my house and the satisfaction of getting the job done.  In my opinion you can’t go wrong with a good ol’ family trip to the local mom and pop tree stand where the fire is burning and the hot chocolate is flowing.

So you guessed it I was faced with yet another tree and no time to light it up. It usually takes me half of the day to get my tree lit the way I want… until I discovered a new no brainer way to go about it and get the job done in a reasonable amount of time. As long as you don’t mind a little (by little I mean a lot) of sap in your hair then you will love this trick.

I picked a tree that was not too full, yet just full enough. By this I mean picking a tree where you can see the trunk easily (you are the judge of how visible you like your trunk but the more you see it the easier this method is).  I always tend to go the Charlie Brown Christmas tree route so for my tree this year I feel it is more full. When we got our tree home and watered I prepared to start the conquest.  First I started by wrapping only the trunk with a strand of lights starting from the bottom.  I plugged it into the wall and started wrapping from the bottom where the branches begin.  I wrapped around the trunk while dodging in and out of tree branches (hence the sap, you gotta get in deep) until I reached the absolute top.  This took one 21.5’ strand of lights.

Now to be honest I really liked the look of this when I was all done. It was different and somewhat minimal which always feels right these days. By putting less of your lights on your branches you can help slow your tree’s drying.  So not only can you give your tree longevity and a unique look but you can make your wallet a lot happier too. With this tree being about 7-8 feet tall and only taking two strands of lights at $2.50 a strand, I can now justify the cost of my tree (or the experience of buying the tree at the tree stand versus big box stores or a fake tree). Here is the look of my tree with the trunk lit up…..Oh happy


Well I think I may have some of the Griswolds in my gene’s because when it comes to Christmas lights I always tend to think more is better… so I decided to add a bit more. Here is where it gets really quick. With the trunk being lit and illuminating the inside depth of the tree I now can focus on wrapping from the top down in circles rotating the tree on just the outside perimeter of the tree. For me this is where I saved the most time. I use to spend hours, and I do mean hours, going in and out almost every other branch on my tree to ensure the perimeter and interior of tree had enough lights as well as balanced placement of lights. Well with the tree being lit on the interior already, this took out the need for balancing and configuring lights on each branch. I literally just went around in circles placing the strand in the branches about half way in to help disguise the cord. I used an additional 7 strands of 21.5’ lights to circle my tree. All in all this only took me 1 hour versus the 3-4 hours it use to take me. When I stepped back to admire my tree I felt there was something more I could add to still try and give it a unique look  where it doesn’t seem like every other lit tree out there. That’s why I enjoyed the first look with the trunk lit so much… it was different and I like different.  So I found a 6’ strand of lights with a different “white” clear bulb and wrapped only the base of my tree trunk. I stayed high enough above the water but below the lower branches wrapping over and over and then tying off.  In the end I felt I finally achieved the look I was hoping for.  The brighter lights at the bottom of the tree seemed to really stand out giving way to the more classic yellow/white lights through the tree differentiating the bottom of the trunk with the rest of the tree. Hallelujah I had my own personal, unique, fresh, Christmas tree that didn’t take me all day to do.  That is a win in my book.  In the words of Clark Griswold “Looks great, little full, lotta sap.”


Thanks for stopping by and visiting my site.  I would love to hear if you all have a special, unique yet easy way of lighting your Christmas tree.  Merry Christmas!!!



All done!!

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