Refurbish your Fireplace.

Hey, ya’ll so I finally painted my fireplace.  I have now lived in my house for 6 months, the whole time hating my fireplace and not knowing what to do about it.  I found one cold wintery weekend I needed a project I could complete with kids in tow.  I laid my eyes on the fireplace and knew it was time to give it a refresh. I decided to paint my fireplace after reading and watching many tutorials on painting stone fireplaces.   I am very happy with the update a fresh coat of paint can offer.  Honestly, sometimes I feel a fresh coat of paint can fix just about anything!! Without further ado here are my before, during and after pics…..


While in my wildest dreams I would like a complete renovation (of just about everything in my house) I find this update an improvement.  I feel it lightens and brightens my family room with a clean crisp feeling.  It also helps to tie in my furniture much more than the dated fireplace.  While my husband wasn’t on board with this project, (protested from the minute I mentioned it) I think he will admit how updated the fireplace now looks.

The process was pretty quick and painless, not to mention inexpensive.  So why not give it a try right?? Here are the few simple steps I followed:

  1. I washed down my stone with a wet rag to remove the dust and dirt.
  2. Stone is very porous so you will want to continue to keep the stone moist throughout the painting process.  I did this by misting the stone with a spray bottle periodically.
  3. I started to coat the first layer of paint in the grout lines only.  You will need to apply several layers to the grout as it is the most porous.  I applied two coats of paint with a polyester paint brush making sure to let every coat fully dry before applying the second coat.
  4. After two coats applied to the grout lines, I then used a 1/2′ nappy roller (the nappier the better for the porous stone) to apply my two coats all over the stone fireplace.
  5. The last step was to go through with my polyester paintbrush and fill spots and grooves that needed extra coverage.

This project took me about 4 hours but without kids needing snacks (who knew kids needed so many snacks?) I could have this completed in 2 hours.

The paint I used for my fireplace is the same color that I used on my walls; Alabaster by Sherwin Williams.  I love this white color as it adds a dimension that most whites can’t.  It can go warm or cool depending on your surrounding tone.  I also chose to use the same color as the walls for a more tonal effect which is one of the biggest paint trends for 2019.  A complete sophisticated look that makes “staying in the lines” a thing of the past.  However, I did change the base of my paint from a satin finish used on the walls to an eggshell finish for the fireplace.  Fireplaces shouldn’t be shiny so more of a matte look is what is needed.  Walls that need to be easily cleaned (if you have kids you know what I am talking about) need more of a finish that can wipe clean.


I am considering painting my wood mantlepiece a black (color unknown at this time) to complement the fireplace insert for a more unified look.  I would love to hear what you think? Black or no black??  Have you updated your fireplace without a complete renovation?? I would love to hear from you all on your update journeys, so please share with me any ideas or opinions as well as completed projects.  Creative expression is much more fun when you have someone to share it with.

Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous day!


P.s. here is a sneak peek into my next project over at house chaos….

Happy Monday, Happy Sale

Monday….bleh!! Let’s face it Monday can be hard!  Well, let me brighten your day with some deals I found.  I have put together a list of some of the best deals I could find for everything home decor!  Enjoy!

  1. Serena and Lily have 30% off rugs!
  2. Target has 25% off bedding (end Tuesday).
  3. Cost Plus World Market has 20-50% off wall decor.
  4. West Elm has 25% off in-stock items with free shipping today only with code FREEBIE.
  5. All Modern has some seriously stylish beds under $500!
  6. Article. has a Chinese New Year sale going on right now.
  7. Birch Lane is having a Warehouse Sale with up to 80% off!

There ya have it, happy shopping.


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Weekend Giveaway to email subscribers

Yay, it is Friday!! Love when the weekend gets here.  Sometimes it feels like it never will.  With the weekend here I wanted to share some love and give my email subscribers a little gift.  Enter to win my Valentine’s table tableware.  I am giving away my 4 jute placemats, 4 rose sear suckered napkins, 2 pink heart ceramic plates, 2 wood heart plates, and 4 each wood forks and knives.  If you want a full view of my table set up check out my post; A Whimsical Table You’ll Love.  My items are from Target and Amazon and have only been used for my photo shoot.  All tags and such remain on the items.  I will be picking a winner on Monday by 12 pm MST,  so you can have this cute table setting by Valentine’s.  Goodluck!!


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Decor Challenge; DIY Valentine’s Mantle

Hello!  I wanted to share my decor challenge with you all today.  My fireplace mantle ( I am not a fan of my fireplace, more to come on the transformation I have in store), I wanted a simple clean Valentine’s mantle and I want it DIY.  I love Valentine’s, I love the color, the hearts, the smells, but sometimes it can turn crazy and cluttered.  With so many Valentine’s decorations around the house, I didn’t want to go overboard with my mantlepiece; the center of our home.  So I challenged myself to try a simple, yet festive DIY mantle, with stuff I already own.


I love the way it came together.  Using an old window frame, my old farmhouse mirror with a twig wreath, some paper hearts, sticks in a teapot vase, a styrofoam ball with red and white faux flowers inserted on top of a candlestick, a fun you and me sign in red to keep along with my theme.  There you have it. LOVE!

My teapot of “Valentine’s flowers” was easy to make, just tape a few smaller hearts cut out from the same paper as the window pane hearts, to the top of the sticks. Place the sticks in a fun whimsical vase.  I cut out a cardboard circle, painted it red and then added you and me with white paint.  I also added some fun dots around the circle with a Q-tip and white paint.  My faux flower ball is a styrofoam ball from my craft stash with faux red and white flowers poked into the ball.  I taped some bigger hearts, from the same paper as the small hearts, to the center of each window pane.  I then taped a fifth heart in the center of my wreath on the mirror.  Hearts for days!!!


Total DIY mantle with what I have on hand and I LOVE it!  I want to challenge you to create a DIY mantle for Valentine’s!  Please share it with me by subscribing to my page!! Happy DIY Valentine’s!

Chocolate Robot; Will you be mine?

Hey there!  With Valentines right around the corner I thought I would share a yummy craft that I made with my youngest today!  It turned out so cute I think I am going to take it to my second grader’s Valentine class party.  This will definitely be a big hit as it is adorable, has chocolate, and isn’t too “girly”.  It is totally a gender neutral craft, which can be hard to pull off around Valentines.

There you have it.  It is super easy to do all you need is some cute, bright paper, found here.  Some yummy wrapped mini chocolate bars, like the ones I found here.  You need to make sure the chocolate bars are wrapped in shiny foil for the complete look.  I then just cut a small rectangle with the bright fun paper to cover the brand of chocolate bar leaving the foil wrapper exposed on top and bottom.  The rest is pretty easy, cutting legs and arms out of some metal looking paper, and black paper for hands and feet.  With the hands and feet I cut circles, large circles for the feet cut in half to make half moons.  The hands were made the same way as the feet, however I cut smaller circles and a  ‘U’ shape into one end of the circle before cutting in half to create half moon shapes.  A black square shape for the head, with mis-matched eyes and a pipe cleaner mouth.  Last I stuck a heart on my robots chest, such a “lovely” way to finish it off.  So fun and my little loves it!

Do you have fun crafts you do this time of the year?  I would love to see what you all create!  Keep on crafting!


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Happy MLK; Happy Sale!

Hey everyone!! Hope you are having a great weekend!  I know we are here at my house.  It has been so busy these last few weeks trying to adjust to life after the holidays.  I love holiday breaks but man are they hard to come back from.  I love that we have a three day weekend to pause, reflect, and relax!  Martin was an amazing leader who did incredible things for this country.  On top of all this he gave us a three day weekend right when we need it.  This weekend is also big for my favorite word….SALE.  I have scoured the sales to let you know who has the best deals and steals.

  1. Cost Plus World Market is having their BIG furniture Event with up to 60% off.
  2. Wayfair is having a Ultimate Clearance with up to 75% off.
  3. Target has home up to 25% off.
  4. All Modern has their LONG WKND SALE at up to 65% off + an extra 15%.
  5. SERINA & LILY has the great bedroom refresh with 20% off bedding and beds.
  6. Pottery Barn has 20% off furniture with a 25% off everything else.
  7. Joss and Main is having 80% off Clearance Sale.
  8. West elm has 20% off your entire purchase + free shipping.
  9. Crate and Barrel is having 15% off upholstery.

Just a few of my favorites on sale.  Happy Monday!

Disclosure: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links meaning I could make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Organize the chaos; part 2

Round 2, I say it like that because it felt like this time around organizing was a boxing match!!  I had some hard hits tackling my kids domain i.e. kids rooms, Lego room, toy room, and craft room.  I had also planned to organize and revamp my work space but as of it yet that is still on the to do list as I am getting a new desk built.  More on that at a later date.  Let me share with you my ideas on maintaining and organizing the big messy culprit in our house… and kid paraphernalia.


First up Nerf gun and weapon wall:

This was actually super easy to accomplish and cheap too!  I found this peg board at my local Lowe’s for a lot less than expected.  Lowe’s also had packages of hooks and such for peg boards that were much more cost efficient that buying each piece individually.  I mounted the peg board with 1″ pine, and hung up the toy guns.  I found there were so many different pieces in the hardware pack that worked for certain guns.  For example the containers for the nerf bullets.  Now I am happy to report the toy chest isn’t emptied on the floor to find bullets or certain guns.  Everything has its place, is easily spotted and played with more.


Lego room:

Now to be honest I don’t think I will ever organize a Lego room again.   Seriously this was painful both figuratively and literally.  There were definitely feet and bums harmed in this production.  Not to mention the amount of time this took.  I guess time will tell if my efforts were worth it.  I have seen Legos organized many different ways and debated on how to organize mine.  The color organization system seemed easy enough but I couldn’t see that as being the most efficient way.  I organized mine by size and shape.  Maybe that’s why it took so long….so many shapes who knew??  I categorized my bins as following:

  1. Flat pieces with more than two peg rows along with house or building structures.    (two small bins inside one drawer)
  2. Square or rectangular pieces with two peg rows along with small single peg row pieces. (two small bins inside one drawer)
  3. Lego people and all parts concerned along with car parts and pieces.  (two small bins inside one drawer)
  4. Miscellaneous and odd shaped pieces.
  5. Halfway finished projects.  (Don’t want to ruin what they half way completed, keeping safe.)
  6. Lego sets that are still packaged together, along with all the Lego books and instruction.
  7. Lego duplo, I didn’t organize this as it seems to be played with less as my kids grow, also larger pieces are easily identified in one bin.
  8. Megablocks, again all in one bin as they are seldom played with and large enough to find what is needed.

Craft room:


This was a fun project, maybe because I enjoy crafting with my kiddos.  I went to my local goodwill store and found so many bins, buckets and trays for this project, granted all different colors and sizes but for a craft room that’s exactly what I am looking for.  Best part is the price tag!! Plenty of great items for a quarter.  My aqua craft shelf is an old hand me down from my grandmother’s home, repainted and re-purposed.  I hung it at kid level and it is a catch all for all things craft. Placing smaller bins inside the shelf unit with crayons, pencils, markers, glue, tape, scissors, etc.  Down below placing larger bins for our yarn, and sticker supply.  Having a finished artwork bin helps to control the paper mess.   Our large craft table is an old dining table re-used for our messy endeavors.  We keep our construction paper, drawing and writing paper in our magazine holder on the top of the table right next to our art paper rolls.  Paper all in one place and easy to sort through.  Next to the paper we keep all things paint (paintbrushes, water colors, water bins).  I have a smaller craft table purchased at the goodwill for my youngest.  She can now join the fun at her level.  Keeping a orange wood tray to house all of the supplies in small buckets containing crayons, markers, pencils.  We have a closet in the craft room containing more art supplies used less often, keeping the craft room less cluttered.  I am really happy how this room turned out as it is the second most used room in the house!


Work space inspiration:

Thanks to A Beautiful Mess for the inspiration on my work space.  As I said before I was hoping to have this completed before writing this post but having a custom desk made apparently takes time.  This will have to remain a work in progress revealed at a later date.  Until then I will keep this in my favorites loving the peg board organization for a small space!

Do you have an amazingly organized work space?  Please share with me what your work space looks like!


Feels so good to donate and de-clutter!  Off to the goodwill! Have a good Saturday!!



A whimsical table you’ll LOVE.

Table for 2, 3, 4, however many lovebirds will be joining you, you’ll want to check out this whimsical Valentines table.  True to form I always try and decorate with a few natural, organic pieces and a little DIY (Valentines always needs a little ‘made from the heart’ DIY).  I really had fun with this table’s lovely hue’s of pink, red and white.  Fresh flowers (has to be roses for Valentines, right?) as the center piece beautifully tying it all together.  All the wonderful cheery colors in a cold winter season is such a brilliant way to pick your mood up.  Love the Love!



I love the colors in this flower bunch.  If this doesn’t scream Happy Love Day I don’t know what does.  I was able to run to my local market for a great selection of pink roses, pink berries and white flowers.  I really felt like this bouquet brought life to this table.  I put the flowers in a vase I had from my wedding.  Talk about getting sentimental but on the National day of Love, why not remember the day I married my love.  Here is a hint to placing flower stems in a vase:  I put small bunch of floral green beads (I went with green so they blend with the stems,) at the bottom of my vase first.  I then cut the bottom of the stems off to the desired height.  I placed them in the vase with the floral beads holding my flowers in place, this way I could step back and really get a feel for the shape and design of my bouquet.  I then added water to my vase, my floral beads remaining at the bottom of the vase.  Topped it off adding a pea green silk ribbon layered with a pastel pink mesh ribbon.


First I want to start with my Valentine DIY table runner.  I made this with my daughter and we had a blast coming up with our pattern and then painting it on.  I love when you decorate with meaningful pieces that will remind you of fond memories on any given day.  I chose to buy a eco friendly craft paper roll (needed more for our craft room so win, win) in brown.  We then decided to paint our XOXO design on with white acrylic paint and medium  paint brushes.  I loved how it turned out, complimenting the brighter shades with its neutral shade.  Most of all I love the way it was made.

I heart these plates….literally!  Here is where my whimsical inspiration comes in; I alternated with two different heart plates, two different jute place mats, ( braided and medallion woven place mat) and using some mason jars as glassware.  I stayed neutral and organic with many pieces here: place mats are made from jute material, the natural color also compliments the table runner.  My ceramic heart plates in romantic pink (left picture up top) go strikingly well with my rose sear suckered napkins.  I used a biodegradable, eco friendly (gotta give some love to mother earth) palm leaf heart dish, pictured in the top left picture.  The wood look really pairs nicely with the jute place mats and table runner for a simple, natural look.  To continue with our whimsical but natural theme I found these unique, eco friendly Birchware fork and knife utensils.

Sweets, treats, and cupcakes who needs a sugar rush?  Conversation hearts and chocolate goes with Valentines like peanut butter goes with jelly.  I filled my heart bowls, sugar jars, and cupcake stand with all things Yum!!

I added some love to my buffet as well.  I layered table runners here for texture.  My first table runner; a neutral burlap table runner matching my DIY table runner.  Next I placed my vibrant red lace table runner on top of the neutral one for a good balance.  I placed my sugar corner on one end of the buffet and a ‘LOVE’ sign on the other.  Then I took some cute faux birch sticks tied with red and white twine.

Here is a total view of my Whimsical Valentine table.  Now just need to figure whats for dinner??  Let me know what you all think!  Would love to see all your sweetheart tables!

Happy Valentines!! xoxo


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So in full disclosure, I don’t watch football.  I really don’t like football (I know, I know how could I say this?).  However, my husband loves football and his team has a shot this year.  So because I love him so much (also, I can’t sit and watch football without having something else to do) I am throwing a Superbowl Super Party.  This really allows the kids and I to get excited about something my husband is just so passionate about.  Look no further for I have found the best of the best Superbowl foods, games, and decor around.  Sit back, grab your fat pants, (my sweat pants) and lets get this party started.

Holy Mama!! This looks delicious and awesome!  Impress your guests or family with this ultimate snack stadium.  Get the full idea here.

Football or not, chocolate covered strawberries are always a good idea in my playbook. Check out the recipe and source here


This is my kind of pigskin.  Check out this football recipe here.  I may need to make two as the pigs in a blanket never last long at my house.

No Superbowl party is complete without pizza.  This pizza takes the win. Source; Babble

FOOTBALL PARTY Idea Gameday recipe, Football Bean Dip Cups. Easy to make and oh so cute

OMG, we have to have these.  Almost too fun to eat.  Thanks AThriftyMom.Com

Okay we all know how tiring cheering for your favorite team can be.  So take a water break and chat stats at the water cooler.  Source,



Score these festive cups on the cheap.  Thanks


Great way to display key players i.e. utensil.  Source:


What a great way to jazz up the beverages, all you need is white duct tape! Source: Prudent Penny Pincher.

What a unique way to hand out snacks! Source: Prudent Penny Pincher


Such amazing ideas you can easily accomplish with a quick trip to your hardware store to purchase astro turf.  I especially love the table place mats!!! Source: and

It will definitely be a penalty in my house if you don’t use one of these with all that greasy but oh so delicious menu.  Source:

Balloons always “make” the party.  Have the kiddos help you create some fun sayings on balloons with your favorite teams colors.  Source:


Rate the Superbowl commercials.  Honestly this is the real reason I watch.  Thanks Studio DIY!


You never know what you can use with an old box.  What a fun way for the kids to play along as well (heck even the adults)! Thank you for this fun idea.


Paper plate football

Felt football pennants

Learn how to make these fun crafts and the items needed here.  Kids and crafts = you can watch the game in peace, even if for only a few minutes.

Last but certainly not least.  Football Bingo, is so fun to play but also keeps me involved in the game with the rest of the crowd.  Source:


What do you all have planned for Superbowl?  What team are you cheering for (of if your like me, what’s your favorite commercial), any score predictions?  GAME ON!